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From!!!!sun4nl!xs4all!!not-for-mail Thu Sep 7 09:28:14 1995 Path:!!!!sun4nl!xs4all!!not-for-mail From: (Anonymous) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: How Scientology's trap works Date: 5 Sep 1995 09:15:18 +0200 Organization: Hack-Tic International, Inc. Lines: 118 Sender: Message-ID: <42gte6$> Reply-To: NNTP-Posting-Host: Comments: Hack-Tic may or may not approve of the content of this posting Comments: Please report misuse of this automated remailing service to <> How does Scientology brainwash people? What is this fanatic belief in something that is so blatantly false, such as the OTIII materials whose falsity can be proven by geologic and archeologic evidence? How do people getting sucked into this? ********************************************************************* L. Ron Hubbard himself told everyone how his trap worked, in one of his favorite anecdotes which he used often. He loved to tell the story of the "Assassins". He told of this "sect" that existed in Arabia called the Assassins whose terrorist activities there was no defense for. He said the Assassins would kidnap someone and drug them with Hashish (for which they were named), and put them in a Harem surrounded with beautiful women. Of course the guy was in heaven, and that is what the Assassins would tell him. There was one hitch however. This was just a preview. In order to come back to heaven forever the person would have to perform one little task. That was usually to murder someone that the Assassins designated, after which he would be killed and would return to heaven forever. The Assassins virtually controlled the Middle East during their heyday because if you said "NO" to them, you didn't last long. ********************************************************************* I did my own research on this, and this is what I came up with. It is from the book, "Chronicle of the World" by Ecam Publications in Mount Kisco, New York. It is a book of world history, told as newspaper style articles. Here is what they had to say about the Assassins: Syria, 1245 <some deletia> Founded over 200 years ago, the sect was nicknamed the "Hashinshin" or "Assassins", because its adherents were rumored to take the drug hashish. The euphoria induced by the drug was said to give the men such ecstatic visions of eternal bliss that they could not wait to die. Generals serving the Abbasid calpiphs in Baghdad - who claim descent from the familiy of the Prophet Mohammed - and Seljuk Turkish mercenaries were despatched with ease by Assassin undercover agents planted in camps and cities in Persia. In 1092 the extremists killed their great enemy Nizam al-Mulk, minister to the Seljuk sultans. In 1094 Hasan Sabah, the first grand master of the Assassins, captured the Persian fortress of Almut, below the Eldburz mountains at the southern end of the Caspian Sea. From this base, Hasan commanded a growing network of guerilla strongholds all over Persia and Mesopotamia. Hasan, known as "The Old Man of the Mountain", built a library and encouraged learning amongst his men. The Old Man took Isma'ili free thinking to extremes saying: "Nothing is true, everything is permitted". ******************************************************************* (If you believe that people are "multi-lived", I'd say that last paragraph comes close to describing L. Ron Hubbard himself, complete with the Alstair Crowley philosophy, "Do what thou wilt is the entirely of the law"). I wish to put forth that Scientology does exactly this. Some of the lower level technology is VERY effective and can produce quite a marked sense of inner well being. Based upon these early experiences the initiate takes for granted that the later "levels" are simply more and better of the same type of thing, and he wants more, like a drug, he wants stronger and stronger doses. Unfortunately, at about the level of Power Processes (Grade V), the technology starts to fall apart. Some would say that L. Ron himself never properly did Power Processes, whose purpose is to enable a person to handle power. LRH's theory was, when a person is given power, he will use that power unconciously, to prevent some horrendous things he's experienced in the past, from happening again. This is why "absolute power, corrupts absolutely". A person will inflict his unconcious paranoia on everyone under his control, and this could get very subtle. I'd have to agree with the estimation that Hubbard flunked power processing. He is a prime example of "absolute power corrupting absolutely". So is Miscavage from what I've seen. His failure to make any statement explaining his actions shows his contempt for us. Above power processing is basically L. Ron thinking he knows everything and TELLING people who and what they are, instead of letting them discover for themselves. I'd say, if you follow his OT levels the way he wants you to, you are going to end up auditing yourself closer and closer to the brink of insanity. I can only say this because: 1) I have never seen any proof that OTs have any more power, nor are any more sane than they were before they were OT. 2) I have seen MANY OTs who became very fragile people after they started the OT levels. They could not listen to anything that disturbed them. They REQUIRED a good comm cycle. They had a continuous battle going on with the world around them. They would constantly run home to their meter and materials to "solo audit" to the point that they could not deal with life without that. ********************************************************************* Scientologists are the Assassins of the 20th century. They are about to embark on a Kamikaze mission of self destruction and will take whomever is nearby with them when they go.


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