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From!!!!!!!!not-for-mail Thu Sep 7 09:28:16 1995 Path:!!!!!!!!not-for-mail From: (Paul McCutcheon) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Newspaper Article - West Australian Date: 6 Sep 1995 01:52:43 +0800 Organization: Omen Computer Services, Perth, Western Australia Lines: 67 Message-ID: <42i2pb$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: TIN [UNIX 1.3 941216BETA PL0] Found this article in today's (Tuesday, 5th Sept.) West Australian newspaper and I thought you people might enjoy it: _Church_news_line_sparks_rights_battle_ By Mike Van Niekerk THE blazing flame war that has erupted in the alt.religion.scientology news group late last year has turned into an all-out battle for civil rights on the Internet. Hence the worldwide call to picket the nearest Church of Scientology or Dianetics Centre this Saturday, a scientology holiday. Readers will remember in January we described how the fuss started: secret scientology documents were posted in a.r.s by disgruntled former members and the church developed a program to erase the posts on the Usenet, thus practicing censorchip. Leading church critic Jeff Jacobsen, who is coordinating the worldwide picket call, lists several ways in which he claims the church has attacked the civil rights of its critics: * Threatened remailers who allow posts to a.r.s (remailers strip the identity off mail to allow anonymity). * Threatened administrators who keep a.r.s active. * Raided the home of four a.r.s users. * Raided and got the name of a remailer user. * Attempted to overwhelm a.r.s with off-topic and mega-postings. * Sent people out to harass a.r.s users. * Attempted to hack the phone bills of a.r.s users. * Cancelled hundreds of posts from a.r.s. * Posted defamatory material against church critics on a.r.s. * Revealed the names, addresses and telephone numbers of anonymous critics. Mr Jacobsen urges those planning to picket to get in touch with the local police for guidelines on how to picket legally, and notify them of the times the picket will take place. The Perth Dianetics Centre is in King Street. [The rest of the article left off as it has nothing to do with $camentology] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't blame me for any inaccuracies, spelling errors or what-have-you as all I've done here is enter as close to character perfect as Usenet allows (with the exception of the last line which I entered to keep the posting accurate). The article also contained in a side box the web sites of Ron Newman's and Skeptic's $camentology pages. So, comments anyone? *grin*


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