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From!!!!!!rogue Thu Sep 7 09:28:16 1995 Path:!!!!!!rogue From: (R Agent) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,nlnet.misc,hacktic.heibel Subject: CONFIRMED: CoS action (not raid) at Date: 5 Sep 1995 19:05:14 GMT Organization: College of Computer Science, Northeastern University Lines: 53 Message-ID: <42i71a$> References: <> <42i1ln$> NNTP-Posting-Host: In article <42i1ln$>, Ron Newman <> wrote: >In article <>, >Ralph Moonen <> wrote: >>>From: (Rop Gonggrijp) > >>|At this moment a raid is taking place at the offices of XS4ALL in >>|AMsterdam. [...] >>|The instigator of the raid is Scientology who claims that copyright >>infringements have taken place, notably > >>OK, I checked, and the is still up. > >It's still up as of 13:35 EDT; if they are being raided, why >wouldn't they remove access to this page? OK, here's the deal. I just talked with one of the admins at, he confirmed that the CoS is taking action against them. However, because NL law is stronger than ours, the action is quite limited so far. It was -not- a raid. Apparently they have an obscure law in NL that says if you are getting sued by someone they have a right to see if you are able to pay if they win. The CoS used this to get an order to get models and serial numbers from all of xs4all's machines, so they can be priced. Sounds like just a harrassment technique to me. A NL govt official and 2 American computer people on behalf of the CoS (possibly I-Net people, but unconfirmed) came in and wrote down all the information and left. That's all that's happened. There is no lawsuit yet. There was no removal of anything. They just got the serial numbers. I guess it's the best they could come up with. xs4all has gotten an email from Kobrin, saying that one (1) article in the FACTNet archive (they have a mirror of it on one of their web pages) is infringing. And they were threatened in the past because they run some cypherpunks remailers which were used to post church stuff. But they've had no official contact, aside from this writ. That's where it stands. The web page is still up, and will stay up for the present. I am not a spokesman for xs4all, merely passing on what I've been told. RA (Rogue Agent/ARS Project Entheta IC/enemy Internet) --------------------------------------------------------------------- In a lawyer's office, computer experts are searching Wollersheim's computer files 24 hours a day, looking for key words that include the names of Wollersheim's lawyers and the phrase "rogue agent". - Rocky Mountain News, 8/27/95 page 4A


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