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From!!!gatech!!!!!torn!!csess Thu Sep 7 09:27:47 1995 Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology, Path:!!!gatech!!!!!torn!!csess From: (Eric S. Smith) Subject: Re: Milne & Church Lie Again Message-ID: <> Organization: Trent University, Canada: The Country Where Clams Pay! References: <41e8uo$> <425ost$> Distribution: inet Date: Sun, 3 Sep 1995 02:26:49 GMT Lines: 28 Xref: alt.religion.scientology:92771 In article <425ost$>, Ruppert007 <> wrote: >Fishman and Wollerslime. Two peas in a pod. What do you have to say about Casey Hill, the former crown attorney (now judge) who was awarded $2 953 624 by a jury in 1992, a descision upheld by the Ontario Court of Appeal (which said that he was a victim of character assasination) and later by the Supreme Court of Canada? A clam-puppet lawyer accused him of misleading a judge and breaching a court-order sealing over 200 cult documents (siezed in a police raid, thank you) in 1984. Clam-puppet lied, and kept lying even after he was proved wrong. On Friday, September 1, before the noon deadline (extended from Aug 19), the clammers handed him the nearly $3 million (including damages, interest, and costs). Gee, think the cult has learned to pay its debts? Can Wollersheim's money be far behind? Will the dwarven Mr. Miscavidge finally step forward? And is the entire Canadian legal system now considered SP? [Source: "Scientologists pay giant libel debt on time", Wendy Darroch, The Toronto Star, Sat. Sept. 2, page A8.] --Eric Smith (The Supreme Court's URL is rumoured to be:


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