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From!!!pipex!!!!!yale!yale!!!!dst Thu Sep 7 09:27:52 1995 Path:!!!pipex!!!!!yale!yale!!!!dst From: (Dave Touretzky) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: clam droppings sighted in Pittsburgh Date: 3 Sep 1995 07:32:53 GMT Organization: School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon Lines: 29 Message-ID: <42bln5$> NNTP-Posting-Host: The clams seem to be moving in to Pittsburgh. First there was the local Narconon franchise that sprang up a few months ago and sent out little news briefs and PSAs (Public Service Announcements) in an attempt to attract business. They will be handled. Tonight, though, I spotted a PSA for The Way to Happiness Foundation on WPXI-TV (channel 11.) It aired at 2:45 AM on Sunday, September 3. Great; now we've got more clam droppings to clean up. I know that The Way to Happiness Foundation is a Co$ front group, but I don't know any more about them. If anyone can supply some hard data that I can use to immunize the local media against further infestations, I would be most grateful. I also urge the rest of you clam-crushers to watch your local media for Co$-related PSAs. This flurry of activity may be an attempt to keep stats up in the face of the ongoing a.r.s debacle. If Co$ wants to advertise on radio and TV, let them pay for the time. No free PSAs for criminal cults! -- Dave Touretzky, KoX (SP4): SCIENTOLOGY = FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME L. Ron Hubbard sez: "DON'T YOU DARE read" -- -- Dave Touretzky, KoX (SP4): copyright scofflaw lurking under The Bridge. L. Ron Hubbard sez: "DON'T YOU DARE read"


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