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From!!!!netnews Thu Aug 31 10:51:05 1995 Path:!!!!netnews From: (Stephen Jones) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Colorado Media: KUSA 9 News visits with Heber Jentzsch Date: 30 Aug 1995 06:10:56 GMT Organization: Netcom Lines: 62 Message-ID: <420vdg$> NNTP-Posting-Host: This is a transcript of a report done by KUSA 9 News at 10:00 PM Aug.29. Of course all spelling and punctuation errors are mine. I did my best (lots of VCR rewinding) to make an accurate transcript, I hope it is. How do those people at Journal Graphics do it? Hopefully it will be of some interest. Adelle Arakawa (9News anchor): Top officials from the Church of Scientology are in Denver tonight. They spent more than 2 hours with Ward Lucas, of our I-Team, answering questions about last weeks controversial raids in Boulder County. The homes of two former members of the church were searched by Federal Marshals and Scientology members. They were apparently looking for secret scriptures which they claim were stolen from the church but they also seized thousands of documents, letters and computer files which have nothing to do with copyrighted secret scriptures. ------Graphic with the following names----------- Richard Leiby - Washington Post Richard Behar - Time Magazine Floyd Abrams - Attorney Dan Leipold - Attorney ______________________________________________ Adelle Arakawa: Many of those documents refer to journalists who have written about Scientology and attorneys who have won lawsuits against the church. ---cut to tape of Ward Lucas and Heber Jentzsch---- Heber(CoS President): These fellows have used their, have taken the information, which was stolen information from the church, these trade secrets, these copyrighted materials, and given them to reporters. That's still illegal. Theft is theft. Free speech is not free theft. ---Ward Lucas cuts in--- Ward Lucas( 9 News anchor): Are you willing to begin --unintelligible-- raids on newsrooms of America? Heber: Absolutely not. Ward Lucas: Then why are you running Time Magazine, Washington Post through your keyword search? Heber: Because we found that these fellows were disseminating information to those --or these-- points. --end tape of Mr.Lucas and Heber---- Adelle: Scientology is controversial in part because of a history of criminal acts by Scientology officials. Eleven people, including LRH's wife, were sent to prison for wire-tapping and burglery. Reverend Jentzsch, himself, is still under indictment for fraud in Spain but he says the church is changing and no longer commits crimes in the name of religion.


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