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From!!!!!user Thu Aug 31 10:50:51 1995 Path:!!!!!user From: (Bryan Cowan) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Visiting the San Francisco Org Date: 30 Aug 1995 01:18:46 GMT Organization: Aimnet Information Services Lines: 35 Message-ID: <> NNTP-Posting-Host: I once posted basically the same thing as *Close Encounters of the Clam Kind*, but nobody responded so... The San Francisco org is in a once beautiful (before all the Dianetics banners) five story postfire office building at 83 McAllister Street (corner of Leavenworth, just off United Nations Plaza) that was originally built in late 1906 for the Methodist Book Concern. (One can still see the letters *M B C* on the cornice.) I went in there to pick up a copy of Dianetics so I could read Hubbard's stuff for myself. (This was after getting acquainted with alt.religion.scientology.) Sure enough, they sat me down to take a personality test. I put my real address on the test because I was planning to move soon anyway. The test was taken in a lobby area in front of what were once display windows, now showing clam propaganda. On the other side was a cheap bookcase holding Hubbard's writings. I sat at a cheap table in a cheap office chair. The test is 200 questions. Answers were entered into a PC sitting with screen turned away from the lobby area, facing a wall. After getting the *results*, a clam took me in back, behind the lobby area, to *discuss* the test. Suprisingly, the area, which was once a bookstore, is largely intact, with all original mouldings and a curved Edwardian postfire style ceiling soaring at least 20 feet above our heads. The perimeter is ringed with small cubicles made with portable office dividers, with about three desks down the middle. A gold painted E-meter is prominently displayed, apparently an award of some sort from the Sea Org, but looking like a cheap prop from a bad 1950's science fiction movie. Copy of Dianetics in hand, I sat down to have my personality explained. Test results were not suprising. All bad, and nothing I couldn't have guessed myself. Gave halting, short answers to personal questions. Got anti-medicine lecture after admitting I see a psychiatrist and take psychiatric drugs. The clam tried to sell me a *Dianetics home study course* for $25. I anticipated this, and had only brought enough to pay for the book. He kept insisting (even offering to drive me back to my place to get the money) until I said I was late meeting some friends. Clam said to read Dianetics, we'll call you later, and let me go. Curiously enough, it's been three weeks, and no calls from the clams.


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