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From braintree!!!gatech!!!!!!!not-for-mail Wed Sep 27 15:57:03 1995 Path: braintree!!!gatech!!!!!!!not-for-mail From: (Papeshow) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Hate Groups Date: 25 Sep 1995 01:56:22 -0400 Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364) Lines: 52 Sender: Message-ID: <445ga6$> Reply-To: (Papeshow) NNTP-Posting-Host: Message Forwarded Subj: TNX Hate groups on the Internet Date: 95-09-01 02:08:39 EDT Robert Rossney, wrote an article in the SF Chronicle last week. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Sun, 27 Aug 1995 17:42:23 -0700 (PDT) Dear Robert, As you put it, "Is it ethical to trash someone's faith...?" The newsgroup you wrote about is nothing more than a meeting place for an anti-Scientology hate group. From the safety behind their computer monitors a tiny fraction of net users type out their vicious attacks on this religion, often even hiding behind anonymous servers, as well. Can you imagine the amount of furor there would be, if these bigots were directing their attacks at Jewish or African Americans? The spewing of their hatred is no less reprehensible than Fuhrman's use of the "n word". The Simon Wiesenthal Center in LA is tracking more than 50 hate groups on Prodigy and the Internet. They have filed a complaint with the FCC over anti-Semitic falsehoods posted on Prodigy. "The slurs are the same but the venue is different." Responsible use of the net needs to be encouraged, or it may go the way of CB radio, as Cliff Stoll has suggested in his book, "Silicon Snake Oil". "And like CB, a relatively small number of people on the Internet can ruin things for others. Vitriolic flamefests that spill over into other newsgroups have the same effect as the good 'ol boys who broadcast racist epithets using illegal kilowatt amplifiers." - p. 113 "People get away with things on Usenet that they'd never be able to pull off on the street. Throw a punch during a heated argument and you could get arrested or sued; it's not even necessary to make physical contact. Continually shout abuse at someone and you'll be sued for slander. Write it down and it's libel." - p.217 "So, with written streams of calumny pouring back and forth across the Usenet for all to see, why aren't more people getting slapped with injunctions and lawsuits?" - p.218


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