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From braintree!!!!snick Thu Oct 5 10:52:38 1995 Path: braintree!!!!snick From: (Louis Nick III) Newsgroups:,alt.religion.scientology,alt.religion.kibology Subject: X-files concept stolen? Followup-To:,alt.religion.kibology Date: 30 Sep 1995 23:16:23 GMT Organization: Department of Trollanties Lines: 28 Message-ID: <44kj47$> NNTP-Posting-Host: NNTP-Posting-User: snick Xref: braintree alt.religion.scientology:113109 alt.religion.kibology:97354 This morning I read that the concept and several story ideas (which later evoloved into about 60% of first season episodes. Others were ignored by Carter, et. al. The story idea was conceived by the science fiction great, L. Ron Hubbard, in an unfinished work called _Cases Closed_. Yup, Mr. Dianetics himself. Still, he wrote terrific Sci-Fi. He was also great friends with Whitley Striber. The article further described the proposed character, one a believer seeking proof in order to close the case for certain, who's older sister disappeared when he was 8-9. The character's name was Maudlin. The other character, also make, was named Kross, and he was an extreme skeptic, occasionally flaunting his SIPP membership (Scientists for the Investigation of Paranormal Phenomena), an org. a lot like SCICOP. Kross is sort of an agency plant in the FBI, who is originally loyal to the FBI heads, but has a friendship which has him in several conflicts of loyalty. Eventually, Maudlin has him doubting the very FBI folk he works for. I don't have any more information, but I bet the Church of Scientology would have more. Seriously. They are the legal keepers of Hubbard's unpublished works, and they don't sell the rights AFAIK. -- "Don't misconstrue this. I'm not displaying character, just temporary insanity." Dr. Lazarus, "Outland" Louis Nick III, Tr.D.


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