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From braintree!!!!!usenet Thu Oct 5 10:53:43 1995 Path: braintree!!!!!usenet From: (Marina Chong) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: ANNOUNCE: A.R.S. Web Page Summary Date: Mon, 02 Oct 1995 09:55:44 GMT Organization: The Knights of Xenu Lines: 115 Message-ID: <44og8r$> Reply-To: NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: Forte Agent .99.82 If you've ever asked: * What is Scientology? * Why is Scientology attacking the Internet, and how? * Why are Scientologists called clams? * What do all these strange abbreviations and terms mean? * Who are all these people who post here? * [etc] Take heart, for all is revealed in the following Web pages: Ron Newman: David Dennis: Modemac: Jim Lippard: Skeptic Magazine: EFF: Bob "Sloth" Bingham: Tilman Hausherr: Dave Touretzky: Daniel Tobias: Jessie Blalock: Jerod Pore: Martin L Poulter: Jonas Flygare: Scott Goehring: Discord: Teodor Vaananen Steve A: Felipe (XS4ALL) Sirilyan: CNN: Cornelius Krasel: David C. Smith: Brett Achorn: Mark Allen: Steve Marinick: Taneli Huuskonen: Bruce Scott: Samuel Kaplin: Maureen Garde: Chaos: Don Lindsay: Goofy:$.html 50 Gt. Conspiracies: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOOKS: 1. Cooper, Paulette--The Scandal Of Scientology [henry] 2. Wakefield, Margery--The Road to Xenu [Steve A] --------------------------------------------------------------------------- FACTNET: New home: FACTNET kit: (courtesy of cuthulu) FACTNET kit: (courtesy of fonss) FACTNET kit: (courtesy of newkid) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- LERMA CASE: Faegre & Benson: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRO-SCIENTOLOGY: Leisa Goodman: (semi-official Co$) Brian W: ftp://FTP.PCNET.COM/users/brianw (FTP) R E Brooks: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- CULTS IN GENERAL: Cult Awareness Network (CAN): Steve Hassan: Winfried Mueller: reFOCUS network: Ex-Cult Archive: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- FISHMAN AFFIDAVIT: Sorry! There so many of these sites (>50) that I can no longer include them in this list. Lists of Fishman sites do appear on a.r.s. -- do look out for them --------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT: Please e-mail or post URLs I have missed. Please e-mail or post changes to URLs. -- Marina Chong KoX,SP4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cults+Conspiracies+Scams+Crimes+Clams! What do these add up to? Read alt.religion.scientology and find out! Save the Rev! Support the Dennis Erlich Defense Fund David Dennis' WWW page> Ron Newman's WWW page> -------------------------------------------------------------------------


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