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From braintree!!!pipex!warwick!bsmail!plmlp Tue Oct 10 10:00:41 1995 Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Path: braintree!!!pipex!warwick!bsmail!plmlp From: (Martin Poulter) Subject: Re: Volcanic Pneumonia Message-ID: <> Sender: (Usenet news owner) Nntp-Posting-Host: Organization: University of Bristol, England References: <> <44uijp$> <> Date: Thu, 5 Oct 1995 19:38:11 GMT Lines: 16 John Ritson <> wrote: [great example of Fair Use snipped] >John *** reading OTIII can damage your health *** At the demonstration last month, I asked one of the scienos: "Hubbard says that anyone who reads OT3 uprepared will die from pneumonia. Perhaps a hundred thousand people have read OT3 this year through the Internet: WHERE'S THE PNEUMONIA EPIDEMIC???" [okay, I didn't shout at him like that] All he could do was shrug- he really had no comeback. Try that question on a Scientologist near YOU! -- MARTIN L: Postgrad. studying "Probability and Belief" at Bristol University POULTER : "My body is an energy antenna. Bask in my radiant effulgence!" WWW Home Page & Scientology Critics' Scientology is a dangerous cult stuff: KoX -warn your family and friends.


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