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From braintree!!!!swrinde!!!Starbase.NeoSoft.COM!not-for-mail Tue Oct 10 10:01:20 1995 Path: braintree!!!!swrinde!!!Starbase.NeoSoft.COM!not-for-mail From: dcs@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (David C Smith) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Cult of Scientology's Personality Test - Part 1 Date: 5 Oct 1995 12:12:33 -0500 Organization: NeoSoft Internet Services +1 713 968 5800 Lines: 86 Message-ID: <4513m1$jlb@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM> NNTP-Posting-Host: Summary: FREE, NO OBLIGATION! Heh. Keywords: Scientology, cult, Dianetics, scam, personality test -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Through a local contact here in Houston, TX, I've recently received a few pieces of junk mail from the local Dianetics Center. One of these included their infamous "Free Personality Test" which they use to get people (raw meat) into the org to sell Dianetics to. There are 200 questions and an area where you put in your name, address, phone numbers, occupation, age and sex. It's too bad they were too cheap to make it business reply mail so you have to put a stamp on it when you mail it back to them. Note: Any typos are likely my own. *** BEGIN FAIR USE EXTRACT *** Instructions: Answer every question as to how you feel RIGHT NOW. Do not stay too long with any one question, but answer as soon as you understand and then go on to the next question. The accuracy depends upon the truthfulness of your answers. Each question may be answered one of three ways, by marking one of the boxes next to each column: (+) - means definately yes or mostly yes. (m) - means maybe or uncertain. Not a definate yes or no. (-) - means definately no or mostly no This is a free public service and there is no obligation. This is done with the idea that people can know and improve themselves. Start here: + m - _ _ _ 1. Do you make thoughtless remarks or accusations which you later regret? _ _ _ 2. When others are getting rattled, do you remain fairly composed? _ _ _ 3. Do you browse throught railway timetables, directories or dictionaries, just for pleasure? _ _ _ 4. When asked to make a decision, would you be swayed by your like or disklike of the personality involved? _ _ _ 5. Do you intend to have two or less children in your family even though your health and income would permit more? _ _ _ 6. Do you get occasional twitches of your muscles, when there is no logical reason for it? _ _ _ 7. Would you prefer to be in a position where you did not have the responsibilites of making decisions? _ _ _ 8. Are your actions considered unpredictable by other people? _ _ _ 9. Do you consider more money should be spent on social security? _ _ _ 10. Do other people interest you very much? *** END FAIR USE EXTRACT *** I wonder how Woody, Vera and Andy Milne would answer question #1 regarding thoughtless remarks or accusations? I found question #3 to be a bit odd, as it mentions "railway timetables", something not found much in the USA, although if you are hanging out in a railway station, practicing OT VII while wearing your aluminum foil hat like a good OT Scientologist, I guess reading the railway timetable might be a nice break from placing your intentions into others. As far as question #6 is concerned, do Woodys count? :-) -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: 2.6.2 iQCVAwUBMHQR9F8NLo2vey9NAQEUfAP/fSiaH8mOUR0GKxdC1sglYUvkZgQ2r3Ar yFIn7KpaC/KbWjazuAwIXiVoDlOS4Oze081OlfsQdEwqYtJVsEewaHlDYixFkzNR j7mncPBjCm6klccOXSHKHCFARX8cpQowcemsyJOmGWp7RFSPv1VJnvC4f7pu9QrP bAvjWIytFUI= =dxy/ -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- -- | David C. Smith - - Finger or email for PGP | | Keeper of the Clammer Kill Count Archives: public key. | | | | "Don't play with the dead, boy. They have eerie powers.." | | SP 4.0, OT 8+, KOX, Clam Enturbulator 1.1beta ^ - Homer Simpson |


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