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From braintree!!!!!!decwrl!amd!netcomsv!!lavc!lavc!dennis.l.erlich Tue Oct 10 10:02:08 1995 Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Path: braintree!!!!!!decwrl!amd!netcomsv!!lavc!lavc!dennis.l.erlich From: Subject: SHUDDER INTO SILENCE Message-ID: <> Organization: L.A. Valley College Public BBS (818)985-7150 X-Mailer: TBBS/PIMP v3.35 Distribution: world Date: Sun, 08 Oct 95 13:05:35 -0700 Lines: 38 (david petry) henry <>wrote: >>On advice from friends and family, I will no longer >>be posting to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology. >> >>To those of you who have enjoyed my presence I >>wish a fond farewell. You know how to get in >>touch with me. David: >What exactly has the CoS done to silence Henry? Are they >blackmailing him? Harrassing his family? Dead-agenting him? >Threatening him with a lawsuit and arrest, but agreeing to drop >charges if he shuts up? They planted a forged bombthreat into one of h's messages months ago. They sent Gene Ingram to file charges against henry (just as in Operation Freakout against Paulette Cooper). Ingram and a local cop went to henry's boss with a thick sheath of henry's posts. Henry was fired. The police investigation continues. Vera appears on ars to post a dead-agent attempt against henry consisting of an incident (expunged from the record) where henry (in youthful exuberance) played with someone else's computer. Aytch, in fact, has no criminal record at all. >I hope he keeps us up-to-date on the bloody details. He was silenced by the cult. When his rights are restored, I'm sure knowing henry, we will hear all about it. +--------------------------------------+ Rev. Dennis L Erlich * * the inFormer * * + "tar baby"


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