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From braintree!!!!!!!!!user Tue Oct 10 10:02:16 1995 Path: braintree!!!!!!!!!user From: (Bill Stewart-Cole) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Does CoS have a history of phone tapping? Date: Thu, 05 Oct 1995 23:36:30 -0500 Organization: Stewart-Cole Consulting Lines: 39 Message-ID: <> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Path-Mangled: Bill Gates doesn't need my posts. Let him get his own X-Newsreader: Yet Another NewsWatcher 2.0.3b0 Okay, so call me paranoid. I'll wait. Got it out of your system? Good. In recent days my dialup PPP line has started to show huge error rates. Wierd, considering that I keep it up almost full-time, and it starts totally clean. Yet for the past week, I have found that on multiple occasions it has started to go really goofy (at the v.42 level, i.e. line noise) after a few minutes of perfection: 0 errors for 5 minutes of heavy flow, then POOF! the modem decides every packet for 2 minutes is scrambled and the link fails. It would not have bugged me normally. POTS can get wierd. But during this time, I had a mail exchange with A. Milne, and so naturally I was paranoid. I also had a totally wierd experience when this got particularly bad Sunday, when I ended up disconnecting all my internal wiring and was still getting crystal-clear crosstalk to my voice line, at the phone company demarc. The lines are physically seperate on the other side of the demarc. It was as if somewhere the two lines were totally tied together. SWB insists the lines are perfect (they checked *here* Monday, and opened the box to make sure) and since then I have not heard any crosstalk. I still am getting the pattern of solid connections going totally bad a few minutes after connection. I know there are many here with more knowledge than I about the CoS and probably some with more phone knowledge. Do they have a history of illicit taps? (4-shot "suicides", overboarding, Snow White, institutionalized child abuse, sure... but would they really tap a phone illegally?) Would they try tapping a data line? or both lines and goofing so bad as to bind them? Do they take minor critics (i.e. me) that seriously? -- Bill Stewart-Cole What is Stewart-Cole Consulting? Hell if I know. I'll find out when I finish the web page. Current projected date: 10/1. I'm not saying what year


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