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From braintree!!!!unlisys!usenet Tue Oct 10 10:03:32 1995 Path: braintree!!!!unlisys!usenet From: (Tilman Hausherr) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,la.general,sf.general Subject: Gov. Pete Wilson supports Scientology (NARCONON) Date: Sat, 07 Oct 1995 17:04:54 GMT Organization: Xenu's Ranch Lines: 80 Message-ID: <456fhl$> References: <43i2jf$> <43t4c4$> Reply-To: NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: Forte Agent .99b.112 Xref: braintree alt.religion.scientology:114319 la.general:19241 Here is a letter from Pete Wilson re: NARCONON, a bogus drug program sold by the evil and tax-exempt scientology cult. Although I am not a US citizen, I am concerned, because this cult also hurts my country, and might use letters such as the one from Pete Wilson to get entry. Note that this is only a few weeks after the TIME article on scientology, which was published in may. So let's see the excerpt of that article that Pete didn't read: DRUG TREATMENT. Hubbard's purification treatments are the mainstay of Narconon, a Scientology-run chain of 33 alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers -- some in prisons under the name "Criminon" -- in 12 countries. Narconon, a classic vehicle for drawing addicts into the cult, now plans to open what it calls the world's largest treatment center, a 1,400-bed facility on an Indian reservation near Newkirk, Okla. (pop. 2,400). At a 1989 ceremony in Newkirk, the Association for Better Living and Education presented Narconon a check for $200,000 and a study praising its work. The association turned out to be part of Scientology itself. Today the town is battling to keep out the cult, which has fought back through such tactics as sending private detectives to snoop on the mayor and the local newspaper publisher. From: (Brian Stone) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Narconon in California Date: 7 Mar 1995 00:41:16 -0800 Here is a letter about the Narconon program in California: OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR State of California August 16, 1991 TO: NARCONON I am pleased to convey my sincere congratulations to all those associated with your oustanding organization as you celebrate 25 years of providing drug prevention and rehabilitation services to those who need them. The scourge of drugs remains one of the most difficult and vital challenges that our society has yet to overcome. Far too many people have been tragically afflicated with substance addiction, many in the prime of their lives. This cycle of hopelessness must not continue, and only through the determined efforts of individuals and organizations such as yours can we prevail in this struggle. For the past 25 years, you have been actively involved in helping to prevent drug abuse, and counseling and educating those individuals who have fallen prey to the allure of illicit drugs. Since your founding in 1966, you have expanded to include 24 Narconon Centers in 12 countries worldwide, strong evidence that your programs and methods have proven to be effective. As your international headquarters are located here in California, it is most appropriate that you have chosen to celebrate your 25th anniversary in the Golden State. Please accept my best wishes for an enjoyable and memorable silver anniversary celebration and every future success. Sincerely, PETE WILSON --- Tilman Hausherr [KoX; awards: DB, SP decl. by Koos] biz: <> <URL:> (company page) home: <> <URL:> Resistance is futile. You will be enturbulated. Xenu always prevails.


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