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From braintree!!simtel!!!netnews Tue Oct 10 10:04:15 1995 Path: braintree!!simtel!!!netnews From: (Stephen Jones ) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Media Update: 9News Report "War of the Words" Cos vs the Net Date: 8 Oct 1995 03:18:27 GMT Organization: Netcom Lines: 270 Message-ID: <457fu3$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-NETCOM-Date: Sat Oct 07 8:18:27 PM PDT 1995 9News (Denver, Colorado) aired this special news-magazine style report on Oct 4, 1995. Created without permission, this is a transcript of that report. All spelling, punctuation, and whatever other errors a transcriber can make are all mine. Mine! 9News had no part in the the making of this transcript nor did they consent to its creation (no, i didn't ask because well...I'm a supressive person, what can you expect.) I strove for accuracy and I believe it to be an accurate report. I've included some additional text concerning some highlights that may be of interest to ars readers (specific www pages and posts..that type of thing). Hopefully this will be of some interest. I KISS WARD LUCAS! *KISS* *KISS*, though I'm sure he would not be fond of such behavior. Anyway, it was a very informative and gutsy report. Thank you, 9News. AA=Adele Arakawa (9News anchor) ES=Ed Sardella (9News anchor) WL=WARD LUCAS (9News anchor) HJ=Heber Jentzsch (Presidnt of Church of Sci. International) DD=Deb Danos (Bigwig of the Denver Org.) LW=Larry Wollersheim (raided by the CoS. Part of FACTNET) BP=Bob Penny (raided by the CoS. Factnet person as well.) MR=Michael Rinder (CoS guy) RY= Robert Vaughan Young (ex-Cos member.) ==================================================================== AA: It's the hottest action on the Internet. Tens of thousands of people around the world are dialing in to witness a battle involving the controversial Church of Scientology and some of its biggest critics. ES: But it's more than just nasty e-mail on the Information Super-Highway, it's a struggle involving some fundamental issues of free-speech and religion. Ward Lucas and our I-Team report. -cut to graphic: War of the Words produced by Ward Lucas/John Fosholt edited by Robin Truesdale. -sound of phone dialing and modem connecting. Open to what looks to be a Netscape newsreader with Alt.Religion.Scientology highlighted. -cut to Mr. Wollersheim standing next to a Federal Marshall- Fed: (to camera) You're not gonna come in. (Fed closes door) -cut to Mr.Wollersheim- LW: The marshalls came in, handed me a paper and said, "We're gonna take it. Get out of our way." -cut to Heber Jentzsch- HJ: The church has a right to stage a raid on anyone who has stolen information or has taken copyright. -cut to Bob Penny- BP: They will do anything to win. -cut to scenes from the Boulder protest-(hiya, Mom!)- -Deb Danos voice-over- DD: We don't have a problem with criticism, we have a problem with people breaking the law. -cut to Ward Lucas sitting in front of a computer- WL: Almost sounds like a script from one of those T.V. cop shows, doesn't it. But sometimes real life stories are more intriguing than fiction and this is one of them. A real-life war of words taking place right now over the Internet. -cut to close-up of computer screen. Someone types "alt.religion.scientology"- WL: What I have just typed on my computer is an electronic address in cyberspace, a discussion forum on the information super-highway. The Church of Scientology and a growing army of critics have decided to use this discussion forum to wage war on each other. -cut to a montage of A.R.S. screenshots (some post headers that are shown:PUBLIC LIBRARY RAIDED!, Picket Muster: United Kingdom, Wollersheim raided, Copyright and Trade Secrets.) . Cut to Ron Newmans WWW page "Scientology vs. the Net".- WL: Scientology is trying to protect what it claims are secret copyrighted scriptures, documents supposedly stolen by their critics. -cut to more scenes from the Boulder protest- WL: The critics, many of them former church members, say Scientology is a dangerous mind control cult and they intend to use the unrestricted freedom of the Internet to spread those documents all over the world. The controversy has erupted in the police raids on internet users in Finland and Ampsterdam -cut to Deb Danos at the Boulder protest- DD: The Internet cannot be lawless. WL: In Boulder, Scientology members confront pickets who claim the church is trying to shut down free-speech. -cut to Deb Danos speaking to the crowd who has gathered around to listen- DD: 'kay, is there anybody else here wanna beat me up while we're standing around? -cut to a.r.s highlighted post: Federal Marshalls Storm Arnie Lerma. Scenes from the Lerma raid.- WL: In Arlington Virginia, Scientologists raid the home of church critic Arnie Lerma. Bouler County, armed Federal Marshalls stand-by as Scientologists search through the homes of Lawrence Wollersheim and Bob Penny, two of Scientology's biggest critics. The raids prompted a blizzard of questions over the Internet. Private homes? Federal Marshalls? It was done legally through a civil writ of seizure. Church President, Heber Jentzsch, said Wollersheim and others posted stolen church documents on the Internet. A claim Wollersheim denies. -cut to Mr. Wollersheim- LW: We never stole any of their material. We legally obtained it. It was public court record. It was part of my case. -cut to Heber Jentzsch- HJ: It's illegal and it's criminal and that has to be dealt with. -cut to a computer with the words Fishman highlighted- WL: This is what the church wants so badly to squelch. It's an affidavidit filed in a California court by former church member Steven Fishman. It contains Scientology's most secret beliefs, something called the OT papers. -cut to picture of LRH- WL: They were written by science-fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard, the church's guru. He wrote that 75 million years ago, in the great Galactic Federation, the evil ruler, Xenu, ordered the deaths of hundreds of billions of people.They were all flown to a planet called Teegeeack, later known as Earth. The people were chained to volcanos and blown-up with H-bombs. The remains of those victims are called Thetans, spirit entities which now infest all humans. Converts to Scientology use this [picture of an e-meter] electronic device and confess all their sins to rid themselves of these evil Thetans. As they advance in Scientology, converts pay increasing sums money, up to a quarter million dollars apiece, to learn the higher OT secrets. Alot of famous people have gone through it: John Travolta, Tom Cruise and Kirsti Allie. Scientologists argued, in Federal Court in Denver, that if their secrets are published on the Internet it might hold the church up to ridicule. -cut to Heber Jentzsch- HJ: Our materials are copyrighted there's no question about that. He is trying to steal something which does not belong to him. WL: But Jentzsch's church is having a tough time in the courts. Wollersheim keeps winning. LW: We beat them in RTC, the case where they filed the RICO suit against me, I beat them in a case called Wollersheim vs. Scientology. These people are so oppressive with their legal tactics. WL: Several years ago, Wollersheim won a multi-million dollar judgement against Scientology, a judgement the church still refuses to pay. And the anger in both directions is evident. HJ: The man has a history, a psychotic history going back into the sixties. LW: If i'm psychotic how could I take on the whole Church of Scientology for 15 years and beat them in case after case after case. WL: After Scientology's most recent raid in Boulder County, Federal Judge, John Kane, came down hard on the church. He ordered the Scientologists to return all Wollersheim's and Penny's computers undamaged, unaltered. The church appealed repeatedly, lost each time. Just a week ago it finally returned the computers, but there was a hitch. Wollersheim, Penny and their attorney discovered the church had switched out the hard drives, in violation of a federal court order. -cut to Bob Penny sitting in front of the returned computers- BP: What i'm seeing today is certainly confusing because I don't recognize anything because it's not the way I left stuff. -cut to Ward Lucas interview with Robert Vaughan Young- WL: Wollersheim has gained a fascinating ally in his struggle against the church, Robert Vaughan Young, a Scientologist for 22 years, who was part of the inner-circle until he quit the church in 1989. He says Scientology has interesting ways of getting even with its enemies. RY: There is alot of the doctrine that is written in there that is things like: attack the attacker and find his sex-crimes and investigate him. It's got a viciousness that just shouldn't be there. WL: (voice-over old news footage) An FBI raid on Scientology in the late 70's confirmed some of that. It turned up documents on how to burglarize, sue and discredit your opponent. 11 top officials even went to prison for burglarizing and wire-tapping church enemies. Scientology officials deny they threaten or harass anybody, yet in the most recent court hearing church director, Kurt Weiland, dangled a prop [a pair of handcuffs] which he said was meant for Wollersheim. Young and Wollersheim say the church frequently hires private investigators to keep track of enemies of Scientology. In the Boulder raids, we spotted this private-eye secretly taking pictures of us from a nearby car. Critics of the church went back to the Internet and used it in a novel way to fight back. They posted candid photos of Scientology's P.I.'s [web page with PI photos shown]. Vaughn Young says that if the threats don't work the church sometimes tries to buy the silence of its critics. He says they tried that with him. RY: What they wanted me to do was was they wanted me to sign a paper that I had perjured myself and they would give me some money to go off and find another lifestyle and go away and leave them alone. WL: How much money? RY: Uh, well actually I was offered about a quarter million dollars. WL: The church admits it did offer to find Young a job but not money. -cut to Michael Rinder- MR: They're lying. Outright lying. -cut to RVY- RY: When they were trying all of this I actually got to look into the face of evil. And I got to realize, "my god. this is how far, what I used to call my church has gotten down to that they want to pay me to perjur myself and walk away. AA: And there is much more to come in Scientology's struggle against its critics. The church would like to supress those who reveal its innermost secrets. EL: But that is becoming harder and harder all the time in the wide open world of the Internet. ____________________________________________________________________ END Stephen Jones


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