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From braintree!!!!!!!not-for-mail Wed Oct 11 09:36:40 1995 Path: braintree!!!!!!!not-for-mail From: (Hoyos) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: What's Scientology Up To? Date: 10 Oct 1995 10:09:37 -0600 Organization: Nyx, Public Access Unix @ U. of Denver Math/CS dept. Lines: 363 Message-ID: <45e5s1$> NNTP-Posting-Host: Summary: Scientology's Plans for Germany X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2] I'm just reposting this excellent article written by ROBERT VAUGH YOUNG on what Scientology is doing in Germany. > The following is a translation of Robert Vaughn Young's > article in Der Spiegel, the German weekly newsmagazine. > > This was a quick translation of RVY's article. There was a > brief introductory article written by Der Spiegel explaining > about Scientology's latest campaign against the German Government. > > > Das Reich des Boesen > > The Evil Reich > > > Robert Vaughn Young |ber Scientologys Kampf gegen Deutschland > > Robert Vaughn Young on Scientology's fight against Germany > > Six months ago I was invited to Hamburg in order to explain > Scientology to government officials because I have spent almost > 21 years in the cult, primarily as a simple worker and > later as a member of the leadership. I know the secret > language of the cult, its internal structure, its greed, it's > strengths and weakness. I know of the punishment camps, the > beatings, of dubious sources of money and mysterious deaths. > > Above all, though, I know why the cult has waged such a violent battle > with Germany. > > For most people, Scientology's attacks against the Germans > began in September of last year, when the cult began > placing nearly every week full-page advertisements in the New > York Times and the Washington Post libeling the Federal Republic of > Germany as a neo-Nazi state. For example, the ads showed large > photos of Nazi events like the book burning or Jewish > extermination. In the text, the cult compared its German > members to Jews under Hitler. Other ads showed young Germans > with their Hands raised in the Hitler-greeting and chanting > slogans against foreigners and Jews. > > The ads and also broschures give the impression that Germany > stands on the edge of another Holocaust - only that > Scientologists - like the Jews under Hitler - are portrayed as > the victims. Readers were called upon to protest to Government > authorities against "the Hatred in Germany" > > The media have reported for several months about the campaign, > noting that Scientology's marketing methods and its invasion > into the German real estate markets should be seen as the > background to the campaign. This is not true. It goes much > deeper. I know, because I was there when it began. > > Germany is one of the most important goals of a program > developed by Scientology-Founder L.Ron Hubbard in 1973. He > assigned it the name "Snow White". Only a handful of selected > people got a glance at the scope and the goals of this > program because Hubbard feared damaging the image of > Scientology. > > >From outside the cult must seem like a benevolent, but > misunderstood movement. Its stated goal: "A civilization > without mental illness, without criminals and without war.S > > Behind this (stated goal), is hidden the cult's true face. The > organization is a totalitarian system that knows only one > goal: Control over the planet. Only Hubbard's ideas are true, > all others are forbidden. Every criticism is stamped as > "criminal," Critics are declared as "fair game." > > Members of the leadership- the so-called Sea Organization - end > up in the punishment camp for only the smallest transgression. > I experienced this special treatment myself: 1987, in a > power-struggle over the succession to l.Ron Hubbard, which > David Miscavige, the current leader of the Organization, > finally won, I ended up on the losing side and was detailed to > a work-camp. > > I spent 14 months in the cult's Gulag, not far from Los > Angeles. For 12 hours a day in a black uniform, I was required to do > strenous earth-moving, build houses, dig wells. Finally, at 6 o'clock > we were required to study Hubbard's texts for 5 hours. > > Twice I tried to flee, twice they brought me back and I went > with them, because I was convinced, I was doing something > wrong, convinced, that I needed help. > > The fear of camp-occupants was great, they feared they would be > labeled "Free Game", "Suppressives," as Hubbard named them. > His directive for such outlaws: "Every Scientologist can > deprive them of their property, can use any means to hurt them, > without consequence. He can trick them, lie to them, libel > them and destroy them.' (I forget the right wording of that > directive, but this is a rough translation). > > I've experienced what Hubbard's directive means myself. During my secret > mission in Hamburg, selected Journalists already had a dossier > in which Scientology defamed me as a liar and a sexual pervert. > > The story of Scientology began in 1950 with the publication of Hubbard's > book, _Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health_. Until that point, > Hubbard was known only as the author of science-fiction stories. Dianetics > was intended as therapy of awareness. The idea was, that every person has a > "reactive mind," not unlike Freud's subconscious. Unnoticed, it records > painful experiences ("engrams"), which unconsciously determine our fears > and our behavior and which can trigger every known sickness, including > cancer. > > This "reactive mind" can only reached by Hubbard through a > special therapy, in which the patient generally in so-called Auditing > lies on a couch with closed eyes and recalls the "engrams" so that the > problem can be treated. > > Criticism of the experts was bad: Physics-Nobel Prize Winner > Isidor Isaac Rabi had something to say about Dianetics: It includes "more > promises and less evidence per page than any other publication since the > founding of book publishing." > > Hubbard's Dianetics Societies became involved in lawsuits. He needed a > new organizational form and so, in 1954, Scientology was founded- > Scientology, the Religion. > > Every member who came in contact with journalists or government leaders > was drummed to present Scientology as a religious movement. Only in such > a way could Hubbard's firm build a new image and be freed in many > countries of taxes. > > At the time workers were taught to form groups that did not belong to the > Church of Scientology, in order to secretly infiltrate schools, companies > and governments. > > In 1971 I joined the Cult Secret Service, the Guardians Office, > in the San Francisco Branch. At that time the Office had above all four > projects: The cult's secret service took care of dossiers on members and > critics and assembled information through its own spy-net. The law > division handled suits and legal hearings; the Finance Division > administered the cult's income, and the Public Relations Division, in > which I worked, worked on PR. We concerned ourselves with the > media and government authorities primarly to gain tax-free-status. > > My work was successful enough so that in 1973 I was promoted to the U.S. > headquarters of the G.O. in Los Angeles. Hubbard had just then > completed writing his Operation Snow White which would set us on the collision > course with Germany. > > Hubbard believed himself to be hunted by Communists, Psychiatrists and > government officials. He was openly under the delusion that > Psychiatrists and Psychologists wanted to murder him because he had exposed > their profession as a scam. Finally he arrived at the idea, that the > core of the anti-Hubbard-Conspiracy was located in Germany, it was the root of > National Socialism and had brought Hitler to power. > > Hitler became a German-Hater. Psychology, he claimed, traced back to > "Professor Wundt, who in 1879 was pressed by Bismarck to develop a > philosophy, which could persuade Soldiers to kill people." > > "Therefore," said Hubbard, "we can define modern Psychology as a German > military system that was used to program people for war." Later Hitler had > not staged the extermination of the Jews, but rather a secret group of German > Psychiatrists had. "They built the death camps, and they, not Hitler, > ordered the extermination of the Jews." > > This conspiracy of psychiatrists survived the Second World War. A small > clique of psychiatrists and old-Nazis now control the world drug market; all > pharmaceutical firms of the world are either "German or allied with > Germany," said Hubbard. These groups have strong influence on the > international financial system. Hubbard said : "Germany today owns the > largest part of the world's gold reserves or at least a lot of it." > > With Hubbard's wife at the helm, the U.S. Guardian's Office began to collect > more and more infromation against Germans. Soon Hubbard had enough > material for a further crazy theory: The organized German Nazi-Conspiracy > used the information resources of Interpol to fight Scientology > worldwide. > > I discovered unknown material on the history of Interpol, in the form of > both documents and photos, on how the international police organization > was in fact dominated by SS-Leaders like Reinhard Heydrich and Ernst > Kaltenbrunner and was used for the persecution of Jews and political > opponents. Interpol Head Paul Dickopf, who held office until 1972, was > himself in the SS I had discovered. > > Hubbard ordered that the conspiracy against him be destroyed worldwide. > The Operation was given the name "Snow White" > > "Snow White" contained terms out of the fairy tale as names for the > countries in which Scientology was active. Deutschland, the evil Reich, took > the name of the grim dwarf Grumpy out of the Walt-Disney-Production of > Snow White. Other coutnries included in the Nazi-Conspiracy > were Sneezy (Holland), Doc (Sweden) or Happy (Denmark). The U.S. Section > of Scientology was named Hunter. > > I was appointed U.S. Head of the Propaganda Division of the Snow White > Operation through which I had access to all the important > papers of the campaign. > > In Germany, the Austrian Kurt Weiland took over this job. His job was > according to the secret plan, firstly to obtain the basis over > all current court trials in which Scientology was involved. Then he was > supposed to obtain "police and interpol files," to support Operation > Snow White. > > Weiland's Office was supposed to search out for the source of all attacks on > Hubbard. At the same time it was supposed damage Interpol through law > suits and scandals and to find areas of attack for our Legal and PR Divisions. > The Legal Division was supposed make an effort to file one suit after another > in order to obtain the files of Scientology opponents, which could then go > into the G.O. > > In the U.S. the Operation went well. I succeeded in appearing before the > Congressional Sub-Committee to reveal Interpol's Nazi-Past. I appeared on > nationwide television shows and on the Radio and our Interpol story was > received around the world. > > Only in Germany did the Snow White Operation function not according to > plans. No one was particularly interested in our Nazi-Story. On the 17th of > January I was sent to Munich, Bonn and Wiesbaden, disguised as a member > of an Organization which we named the "National Committee for Legal > Reform? and Social Justice > > Weiland and I attempted anew in this way to spread the Snow White > campaign in the German media. We spoken with many journalists, > some from Die Welt, Frankfurter Allgemeine and Sueddeutsche Zeitung, > and gave them material on the Nazi involvment in the police and in > Interpol. > > All without success. No reporter was interested, hardly any trusted Weiland > or me. > > Several months later, in July 1977, the FBI got onto us in the > U.S. Several workers in the Guardians Office had gotten ahold of Scientology > documents from government offices. > > Dozens of FBI Agents searched through the Cult's Offices in Los Angeles and > Washington. There they came upon part of Operation Snow White. 11 high > ranking colleagues of Hubbards, among them his wife Mary sue, went to jail. > > With that our mission was damaged. The new strategy therefore said: What > has happened, is in the past. Scientology is reformed, the criminals are > behind bars. Snow White went into the safe, but not in the shredder. > > The business went on: Private Businesses under the roof of WISE included > Real Estate companies, business consultants, software distributers fell into > the war chest of the International Association of Scientologists. > > Germany, Hubbard's Number 1 Enemy, of all things, took on, after his death > in 1986, a new, more important role by the fall of the Berlin Wall. > In Eastern Europe a new, until then closed, Market for the cult opened up > and Germany lay immediately at the door. It was supposed to be the launching > point, for the conquest of the East. > > Success was enormous. Alone in Russia in total three missions and > churches as well as four WISE-subsidiaries served. Further centers were > founded in Bulgarian, Romania, Poland, Hungaria and the Czech Republic, > where the cult had attempted to recommend its Dianetics Course to > a grade school. > > If Scientology, however, was in the long run categorized not as a Religion > but as a profit-oriented company, these neighboring countries in the East > could be strongly inflenced because they had until this time barely any > experiences with cults and they looked to Germany for answers to many > questions. Therefore Germany is now even more important for > Scientology's World Domination plan. Snow White had to be re-instituted. > > The times in united Germany appear to confirm the theory of Snow White. > There are Neo-Nazis, attacks on Turks and Asylum Seekers and also attacks > by the German Federal Government and the Laender Governments against > cults, Rent-protests against Real Estate Speculators of Scientology or the > prohibition against work issued by Federal Labor Minister Norbert > Bluem against several Cult members. > > Bluem and his psychiatric assistants, allegedly search, so says the newest > propaganda, for the Solution of the Cult Questoin. Even worse, the war in > Bosnia itself with its horrors has been ignited by "criminal psychiatrists." > > Snow White contains the recipe for opposing the States and the Governtment, > which Scientology has carried on forcefully. "Represent them as villains, > which one can't trust." And so it is happening. "Norbert Bluem > and his Government have planned," says the cult, "to make Scientologists > and other minorities in Germany into a second class." Bluem's true face: > "An arsonist in a firefighter's uniform." > > At Hamburg Airport I was picked up in February of this year by Ursula > Caberta, the Scientology representative of the Hamburg Senate, under strict > security measures. Three policemen were assigned to my protection. > > Almost daily I met with high ranking officials from Hamburg and other > cities, and with the head of the Hamburg Constitutional Protection group, > Ernst Uhrlau, with the Stateprosecutor and officials from various Ministries > and State Criminal Buros. For hours I answered questions and explained > Scientology Documents. > > In order to be able to effectively fight Scientology, I have for you the > following tips: > > Structurally, the organization is not what it seems. No one should be taken > in by their tricks. The worldwide center of the institution in Los Angeles is > not the true center of power. Power is centered much more in a former hotel > in the small city of Hemet, a good hundred kilometers east from Los > Angeles. Those who have anything to do with the organization, should > therefore work with someone who knows the true structure and > leadership. > > Scientology is an organization in which the means serve the ends. It's goal is > the complete control of the press, companies, and governments. > > Government officials and judges should be particularly cautious, because > they are the stated object of lawsuits and slander. > > It is impossible to ban or monitor Scientology. This was attempted in > Australia in the 1960s. The organization simply changed its names and > continued on. > > Scientology should be classified as a service company and should > be taxed. > > Scientology should be required to account for members who have possibly > disappeared in the cult's United States prison camps, like the former > Hamburg Scientology leader Wiebke Hansen, whose location even > today is unknown. German embassy and consulate officials should > inquire about her to ensure that she is not in danger. > > Private firms, above all real estate firms, which operate under > Scientology's seal should be required to disclose how much money they > give to Scientology. > > Moreover, they should be required to make known to all customers > their ties to Scientology. Before this, Scientology must be > stripped of its status as a religion by court ruling. > > Since my visit to Hamburg 6 months ago the Organisation has opened up > another front. They are attempting to fight Germany not only internally. > Pressure, according to their plan, must come from the entire world. > > The propaganda magazine Freedom is already translated into several > languages. An American translation issued a few weeks ago has as its > goal to win adherants and people with money for the attacks against Germany. > > In the middle of July more than a thousand cult members met at > a celebration in Pasadena at Los Angeles. The Motto of the > evening: "Clear the earth of Psychiatry." > > To the "rousing applause of the crowd," remembers one participant, > Scientology reported on the latest attacks against the psychitratric > conspiracy, distributed the American version of Freedom > and the group swore itself to a new, old Hubbard tactic: Finding > the victims of psychiatry. Help them to sue psychiatrists. Sue also > universities and schools which have educated and continue to > educate psychatrists. > > Nearby members circulated their collection plates - in the end, > Scientology needs money for its international fight for surival. > > One can only imagine how much money, should the campaign against > Germany continue forward. As Thomas G.Whittle - the editor in charge of > Freedom - writes: "Germany is far more than a German problem. > It is a problem for the world." > > Spiegel, 39th week of 1995 - Reproduction only with the > permission of Spiegel-Publishing


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