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From braintree!!!!sun4nl!xs4all!usenet Mon Oct 16 11:34:52 1995 Path: braintree!!!!sun4nl!xs4all!usenet From: (Karin Spaink) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: -- 88 -- Fishman on the loose! Date: Fri, 13 Oct 1995 01:32:08 GMT Organization: St. Passie Beheer Lines: 298 Message-ID: <45kivn$> Reply-To: NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: Forte Free Agent 1.0.82 Not only do we now have a working German site, but *also* a UK one! The competion is up, I guess. Among the Dutch participants we now have: 1. Oussama Cherribi (memeber of parliamnent) 2. Marcel Moring (a laureated novelist) 3. Tros (a Dutch network) 4. De Groene Amsterdammer (a Dutch weekly and the first mag to go on-line in The Netherlands) 5. And me - a well-known essayist and writer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ List of participants, as of October 12th, 24:00 Please help to keep this list updated. Updated lists are available at - but as Dave Touretzky is a busy man too, better updates are at: - (The FishPond) - (The FishNet, an alphabetical list of participants) - contains the ScarffRack, a list of all Scarff testimonies. http://www.xs4all/~johanw *1*$/fishman.html *2* 10$ *5*$/ *2*, *3* *3* 20 *4* Tros On-line *1* 30$.htm *6* *2*, *3* 40 *7* BBS APS (Amsterdam) BBS De Zwarte Ster (The Hague) 50 *5* *3* *9* *5* 60 De Groene 70 *5* 80 new url's: GERMAN SITE: It *does* work now! UK SITE: SCARFF a much more horrifying testimony about CoS - and no claims of copyright whatsoever - can be found at: - - -$.htm - http:/ - - - - - -$/scarff.txt - - -$.html - *Please* note: - and all other Cistron url's are also available as: - has been changed, as of 30-09, into:$ - has been changed as of 30-09 into: - has been improved as of 03-10 and renamed into: + Has Risen From The Morgue!!! - has been renamed into + Risen From the Morgue! - has been moved to: - The randomizer has been moved to: The Morgue: - have been voluntarily removed as of 25-09 - has been closed as of 26-09 - has been closed as of 27-09 - closed as of 28-09 - has been closed as of 30-09 - has been closed as of 1-10 - as of 1-10 - closed as of 2-10 - has been closed as of 2-10 - has been temporarily closed - has been closed as of 4-10 - has been closed as of 5-10 - has been closed - has been closed as of 9-10 - has been closed as of 9-10 - http://www.metropolis/~ivar taken down voluntarily 11-10 - down for no particular reason * Other interesting URL's: A very good scene-to-scene expose, with lots of pictures and text (English), about the raid by CoS on XS4ALL as covered on television (WEB, vpro) For a nice teaser. Go fish, man, but beware of Jaws. For the t-shirts we'll be wearing in court. For the Fishman Randomizer: points you at random to one of the participating URL's, so that everybody gets their equal share of fame. For a 1984 review by the Dutch government on cults: 'Rapport van de subcommissie sekten van de vaste Tweede Kamer Commissie voor de volksgezondheid', p.120-160. For *lots* of background. Contains information on CoS's origins, development, courses, inner training etc. Also various articles and references to books, and plenty of websites.$.htm provides a link to the SCAMIZDAT-files. /pub/users/perry/religion/cos provides lots of background information, retrieved from Modemac's archive. a zipped version of Paulette Coopers book: The Scandal of Scientology. for lots of other affidavits #clambake for IRC on CoS Notes: 1. Available as text-file 2. Also availabe as html-zipfile here. Download or ftp the zipfile, unzip it and read the files... For new home- pages: get the zipfile, unzip the files and put them on your homepage. Please remember to rename any *.htm into *.html, and check whether home.html, index.html or fishman.html is the first document that is called. 3. Also available as tarfile here. Working under UNIX, all you have to do is place the tarfile to your own homepage-directory, and use the command: tar zxvf fishman.tar.gz or tar zxvf fishman_.gz or gzip -d < fishman.tar.gz | tar vxf - to un-tar the files and automatically create a 'fishman' directory. Permissions may need to be modified. 4. Just the 'On truth and lying'-excerpt from the Fishman Affidavit. 5. Also available from here: the complete FactNet zipkit. <======= 6. Includes Martin Hunts Dictionary of CoS-terminology 7. Mainly during - Dutch - daytime. 8. Also available here as zipped textfile. 9. A nice story quoting OT's. groet, Karin Spaink - I write, therefore I am:


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