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From braintree!!!!!!!decwrl!!!!joeh Thu Oct 12 16:55:28 1995 Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Path: braintree!!!!!!!decwrl!!!!joeh From: Joe Harrington <> Subject: Federal Law Enforcement agencies in the U.S. discovered a plot by the Church of Scientology to place agents of its Guardian Office in sensitive positions in the agencies that were actively conducting criminal investigations of Church activities. Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII Sender: (news) Organization: Northern Lights Internet Services, Portland, Maine Message-ID: <> Mime-Version: 1.0 Date: Thu, 12 Oct 1995 05:28:21 GMT Lines: 229 Milne continues to generate more falsehoods about the parent organization of OSA, the Guardians Office. Here is another internal document which illustrates the pattern of deception that people like Milne resort to in a desperate attempt to rewrite history. Demonstraters at the 9 Sep 95 protest who were confronted by Scientologists during the event most likely were met by people who called themselves "Field Staff Members". The following article was posted sometime back but I thought it worthwhile to repost and so as to afford readers the chance to see how OSA (GO) uses "Field Staff Members" for propaganda campaigns. Joe ****** In the mid 1970's, Federal Law Enforcement agencies in the United States discovered a plot by the Church of Scientology to place agents of its Guardian Office (GO) in sensitive positions in the agencies that were actively conducting criminal investigations of Church activities. Raids were made on the GO at various locations, documents were seized and senior GO leaders were indicted and convicted. Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, was the senior official of the GO and the evidence is overwhelming that LRH was privy to all the activities of the GO and wrote extensive directives for GO operations. As Federal Law Enforcement agents closed in on the GO, Hubbard went into seclusion, never to be publically seen again. He deserted his family and his wife was convicted and did time in the federal prison at Terminal Island, CA. In Scientology, a field staff member (FSM) is an independent commissioned salesman for the Church of Scientology. They sign up new prospects for Scientology services and receive 10-15% commissions when their "selectees" pay for the "services". As the ultimate cost of Scientology services can easily total $300,000, being a FSM is very lucrative. In addition to generating income for the Church, FSMs are also used as field agents for the GO (renamed the Office of Special Affairs, (OSA), in the early 1980's). Although the following document is about a GO operation that occured in 1976, OSA conducts similar operations in 1995. Ongoing covert operations against ex-members, writers, journalists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and inquisitive governments are directed by OSA. FSMs/OSA field agents frequently post misinformation/disinformation on the Internet and other Computer networks. Recent attacks on FACTNET, Larry Wollersheim, Jon Atack, Dennis Erlich, Arnie Lerma, and CAN officials etc are posted by FSMs, at the behest of OSA. What follows is a document used in subsequent court cases involving the Church of Scientology. My comments in ( ). -------------------------------------------------------------------- 21 July 1976 SECRET GPgm O 408, OT 9 OPERATION BULLDOZER LEAK MAJOR TARGET: To effectively spread the rumor that will lead government, media, and individual SPs to conclude that LRH has no formal control of the C of S and no legal liability for Church activity. (The Church had spread the cover story that LRH resigned from all executive duties in 1966 and was not on the Church payroll. It was later learned that LRH had skimmed millions of dollars of Church funds and had placed them in numbered bank accounts in Europe. Hubbard's wife later testified in Court that Hubbard was the SOLE trustee of these funds) PRIMARY TARGETS; 1) All US B1 Sec are there on Post. 2) The purpose here, is to protect LRH from Legal Liability for any C of S activities. 3) All US B1 Secs are responsible. Each in his area, for seeing that this project gets done. 4) US BI Ops Net is responsible for the overall planning of this project. 5) Any debugging necessary on this project is to be be done by each US B1 Sec working in liaison with US B1 Ops Net. 6) This project is not to impede upon any other projects/programmes etc that the Secs already have going. VITAL TARGETS: 1) That all US B1 Secs ensure that their AGIs keep security in on this project. 2) That the AGIs recruit all the necessary FSMs to do this project. 3) That the names of all the Government, Media, and individual SPs be obtained for each area by the concerned AGIs. ("B1" was Bureau One, responsible for coordinating intelligence operations. "AGIs" was Asst Guardian, Intelligence, located at the lower level orgs) OPERATING TARGETS: Government: 1) Each AG I is to make a list of all the Government Bureaus/Departments/Organizations etc., in his area covering National State and City that have: a) Attacked Scientology in any fashion. b) Would have any interest in Scientology for any reason. 2) Each AG I is to work out a simple "cover story" for his FSM to use on this project. It can be something like the FSM is going to write a book on Scientology and just wants to get some information. FSM does NOT use his/her correct name on this cycle. 3) Each AG I recruits a reliable FSM to carry out this project. And ensures that security is "in" on the FSM. 4) Drill/bullbait/briefs the FSM on the following: a) He will be visiting all proper people in each of the government agencies. b) He will be giving out his "cover story" that in some way he is investigating the C of S. c) During the interview, he will in several different ways mention that he has heard that LRH no longer has any control of the Church and that an ex-scientologist had shown some articles to the FSM that stated it had definitely been established that LRH had no liability for any Church activity. This should be presented in each interviews with very good "intention" that it is to be remembered. d) Those areas that can not be reached for any reason , should be telephoned by the FSM and the cover story and rumor be given. Say if a Government Office were 2 hundred miles away. 5) FSM does his in person or telephone interviews and writes up clear reports on each interview's outcome. He should really "IMPINGE" when stating the rumors. 6) All AG Is see to it that the FSMs thoroughly complete all these Government Agencies on the list. 7) AG Is send up progress report on this action to their US B1 Secs. MEDIA: 1) All AG Is are to make a list of all the Media and the specific individuals concerned (SPs) in their respective areas, that have printed entheta on Scientology. 2) All AG Is are to have the same FSM do targets 2-7 on the list of media. INDIVIDUAL SPs 1) All AG Is who have penetration FSMs in any anti Scientology groups (Squirrels/Deprogramming Groups/etc.) are to contact these FSMs and work out with them the best approach to spread the rumor, to all the individual SPs/SP groups/etc in each AG I's respective area. The FSM would be telephoning these various SPs and stating something like. " Well you know that Hubbard has completely resigned from the Scientologists, don't you. I mean he doesn't control it at all any more. I've heard from several ex Scientologists I know, that several times different persons tried to get damages from Hubbard for something that the Scientology organization did but couldn't. Yes, several Court Cases have ruled that he isn't liable for anything the Scientologists do. I was even shown a few articles on it. Blab/blab/blab. This should really impinge. SEE ATTACHED PATTER FOR INCORPORATION INTO SPIEL WITH EACH PERSON. AG Is should have a complete list of all the individual SPs in his area and ensure that the FSM or FSMs contact all of them. Any AG I that has no pentration FSM in on any of these groups or individual SPs, should use the FSM recruited for first two sections. The same procedure should be followed by the FSM. Only (illegible) time telephone only. Any additional cover needed on (illegible) should be worked out by the AG I. All AG Is are to write up a final Compliance Report on this act. ACTION TARGET: entire project should be completed 3 weeks from receipt. HAT * Randy


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