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From braintree!!!!pipex!!pipex!!pca113 Tue Oct 24 12:47:10 1995 Path: braintree!!!!pipex!!pipex!!pca113 From: (Steve Holroyd) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Re: Big Win! Read the Oct 22 PARADE newspaper mag! Date: Mon, 23 Oct 95 11:08:59 GMT Organization: Logica Ltd Lines: 56 Message-ID: <46g0jv$> References: <46c35f$> <> <> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: News Xpress Version 1.0 Beta #3 In article <>, (Sister Clara) wrote: >In article <>, > (Kwantem) wrote: > >> In article <46c35f$>, Noanonmail@just.yet wrote: >> >> > >> > I have a "early" copy of the Sunday 10/22 Parade magazine (a Sunday >> > supplement to many US newspapers). It features Travolta on the cover >> > and in a big interview/fluff piece. The only religion mentioned >> > in the article was: >> >> --Snip snip-- >> >> > The words "Scientology" or "Dianetics" do _NOT_ appear anywhere in >> > the article. WOW! Credit CoS for his success! John really does >> > share the Big Win[tm]! He really tells the WORLD about the CoS at >> > every turn! >> > >> > NOT! >> > >> > Hey, CoS - we are laughing at YOU! >> > >> >> Narf! >> >> Have any of the $ceino $elebs talked about their religion recently? Last >> time I remember is when Walters interviewed Alley, and I seem to recall >> she didn't have much to say. >> > >There is an interview with Nicole Kidman in The Observer (UK Sunday >newspaper) today. Plenty about her new film but absolutely NOTHING about >Scientology - no mention at all. > >Are we seeing a new pattern? Are the "Celebrities" getting just a little >embarrassed about their Co$ connections? How long before one of them >"blows"? > I was watching GMTV (breakfast TV) this morning. There was a short 'Hollywood gossip' report which featured a brief interview with John Travolta and Kelly Preston, in which they attributed the success of their marriage to $cientology. It took some very precise questioning to get them to mention the cult. There followed a brief discussion between star-struck presenters Anthea Turner (in London) and Fiona ?? (in Hollywood) about how Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are another example of a $cientology marriage, so "there must be something good in it". Fiona ?? (what's her name?) said she was going to go to "the big $cientology building in LA" to ask about it. Does anyone have an email address for GMTV? I think they should be told what sort of 'religion' they've promoted. SteveH


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