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From braintree!!!!!!rogue Thu Oct 19 10:04:10 1995 Path: braintree!!!!!!rogue From: (R Agent) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Vancouver critic needed to assist ARSCC Date: 19 Oct 1995 01:37:20 GMT Organization: College of Computer Science, Northeastern University Lines: 31 Message-ID: <464a4g$> NNTP-Posting-Host: The ARSCC (which doesn't exist, and whom I do not represent) has authorized me to invesitgate the matter of Brian Thurston and his relationship to the Vancouver Org. Brian has stated that he does not and never has been on staff at the Vancouver (or any other) Org, and hasn't taken any services in 20 years. But when Keith Henson called the Org and asked to speak with Brian, the receptionist admitted that a Brian Thurston worked at the Org, but was unavailable at that time. There are three possibilities: 1) Brian lied and he does work at the Org. 2) There are two Brian Thurstons in Vancouver, both Scientologists; one works at the Org and one doesn't. 3) The receptionist lied and there is no Brian Thurston at the Org. The solution to this puzzle is to meet with one or both Brians and verify their identity. This requires a critic in Vancouver, as the ARSCC has not authorized travel expenses for the investigation (cheapskates). Is there a motivated critic in or around Vancouver willing to set up meetings and do the legwork? You may contact me through email; confidentiality assured. RA (Rogue Agent/SoD!/TOS/attb) - pgp key on request ------------------------------------------------------------------ The NSA is now funding research not only in cryptography, but in all areas of advanced mathematics. If you'd like a circular describing these new research opportunities, just pick up your phone, call your mother, and ask for one.


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