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From braintree!!!panix!!!!raoul Thu Oct 19 10:04:14 1995 Path: braintree!!!panix!!!!raoul From: (Nico Garcia) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Re: Flo Barnett's "suicide" Date: 19 Oct 1995 03:52:58 GMT Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lines: 46 Message-ID: <> References: <44nbno$> <45p2c2$> <45peg1$> <463d3r$> NNTP-Posting-Host: In-reply-to:'s message of 18 Oct 1995 11:22:03 -0600 In article <463d3r$> (Hoyos) writes: Here's an apology. I apologize for implying that David Miscavige had anything to do with Flo Barnett's suicide. I have read the autopsy report etc and also read reports that Flo Barnett was very upset with Scientology and that she had threatened to sue Scientology shortly before she died. Although I never said Miscavige was to blame for her death, by asking him to explain how she died with 4 bullet holes in her, I implied that he might know something. This was wrong. I've since been informed by a number of people who I respect on this newsgroup that they are convinced that Flo Barnett was very depressed and did try to commit suicide and when her husband walked in on her after the first shot, he put her out of her agony. So I apologize to this group and to Scientologists for implying that their leader knew anything about the death of Flo Barnett. I actually don't agree. He had motive, because of her disenchantment with her cult. He had method and opportunity, as did others, because her body was not found for some time afterwards. While medical illness can cause suicidal depression, we've seen no separate evidence that she was depressed or suicidal. And guns are *extremely* unsual for a woman committing suicide. Especially, the multiple shots with a rifle used on her is extremely awkward to do to yourself. Frankly, anyone with a clue about suicide would put the barrel in their *mouth*. Being able to place the rifle against, she should have been able to put it in her mouth. The thing is, the claim of "suicide attempt, followed by mercy killing by her husband" is extremely easy to conclude at the time by the investigating officers. And without other evidence or knowledge of the situation, they could let it drop, especially when somebody pushing the legal "dogs of war" available to David Miscavige wants the case dropped. So the evidence is not that he killed her, based on the coroner's report Rogue Agent described, but it disproves nothing. It's less likely, but I'd actually give it a 40% chance being true, based on Mr. Miscavige's cult's other criminal activities and its tendency to isolate its leaders from outside censure or internal censure. Nico Garcia My opinions are my own, not MIT's or my employer's or my cat's (Well, maybe my cat's....)


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