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From braintree!!!pipex!!!!rogue Thu Oct 26 10:31:41 1995 Path: braintree!!!pipex!!!!rogue From: (R Agent) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Please post Snow White "Stipulation of Evidence" Date: 25 Oct 1995 21:34:01 GMT Organization: College of Computer Science, Northeastern University Lines: 32 Message-ID: <46mag9$> NNTP-Posting-Host: In the infamous DC 9/Guardian's Office/Snow White trial in which 11 top Scientologists were convicted of felonies for crimes they committed on behalf of Scientology, there was a document called the "Stipulation of Evidence". This was a list of facts (events, crimes, pieces of evidence, etc.) that both the prosecution and defense agreed on. The idea was that even though it admitted to a lot of really bad things that damaged the defendants' cases, it hurt their case a lot less than a traditional airing of evidence (calling witnesses, introducing evidence, etc.) would have. And it was a win for the prosecution too, since it got a lot of damning evidence admitted without a fight. This Stipulation is a public document. From what I understand, it contains things about people who ended up not being indicted, tried or convicted, including people who are still high up in the church heirarchy, like Rick Moxon and his wife Carla. Specifically I believe it admits that Rick knew of and participated in crimes while in the GO. We need to get this online and posted publicly. It would blow the doors in on the church's claim that nobody from the "bad old days" who knew about or participated in crimes is still around. Anybody care to take this on? RA (Rogue Agent/SoD!/TOS/attb) - pgp key on request ------------------------------------------------------------------ The NSA is now funding research not only in cryptography, but in all areas of advanced mathematics. If you'd like a circular describing these new research opportunities, just pick up your phone, call your mother, and ask for one.


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