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From braintree!!!!!!swrinde!!!!!!peegee Fri Oct 27 11:57:05 1995 Path: braintree!!!!!!swrinde!!!!!!peegee From: (Merchant of Chaos) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: VERA IS A LIAR!!! I GOT PROOF!!! Date: 26 Oct 1995 05:11:20 GMT Organization: LI Net (Long Island Network) Lines: 132 Message-ID: <46n59o$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2] VERA HAS BEEN CAUGHT IN A LIE!!!!! The beginning of this story goes back to May 22 of this year, when I was assaulted outside the New York Sheraton Hotel by Scientologists posing as hotel security guards, after I tried to attend the cult's 40th Anniversary Celebration, which was advertised, on the Internet, and in various newspapers, as an event that was open to the public. I posted an account of that incident that night, right here in a.r.s. The next part of the story stems from a post that appeared in a.r.s. just last week, in which Vera identified "Merchant of Chaos" as "Paul Grosswald". This prompted Ron Newman to ask, in a followup post, if I had ever disclosed my name before, or if Vera had just "outed" me. Vera responded to Ron with the following e-mail: From: Date: Sat, 21 Oct 1995 20:00:13 -0400 To: Subject: Re: HATE GROUP FILES BANKRUPTCY PETITION!! Grosswald showed up at some Church event and falsely reported that the security guards who threw him out of the hotel were members of the Sea Org. I checked this rumor out and learned that it was a complete falsehood (to be expected) and that the security personnel were hotel security. One of the Church members who was at the event recognized Grosswald who the next day posted the embellished story to ars under "Merchant of Chaos". Having been to some of the CAN events where Grosswald has been present, I realized that he is a crybaby to begin with and (in my opinion) went to the NY Church event looking to start trouble. Obviously the hotel security saw it the same way and tossed him out on his ear. Sorry to be so blunt, but, I mean - what kind of a guy would post under the name "Merchant of Chaos?" (end of e-mail) *AHEM* Considering that I was at the 40th Anniversary Event alone, Vera probably assumes that I have no witnesses, and therefore no way to refute her claim that I was thrown out by hotel security. To the contrary! While it is true that I was unable to nail down any reliable witnesses, I did follow up with the hotel, and about a week later I received this letter in the mail, from the hotel manager, written on Sheraton letterhead: May 26, 1995 Dear Mr. Grosswald, I have learned of your call to Dan Weadock, President of ITT Sheraton, and wish to take this opportunity to apologize for any confusion which may have been caused. The hotel did rent the Royal Ballroom to an organization on Monday, May 22 known as the Church of Scientology for the purpose of a meeting. Meetings are typically arranged and coordinated by the organization with services provided by the Hotel. We did not have any role in your being asked to leave the meeting or the Ballroom Foyer, this appears to have been the function of the sponsoring group. Our safety and security staff was made aware of your presence once outside the building and did interface with New York City Police Department Midtown North Precent (sic). Our intention is always to offer a safe and secure environment in a hospitable manner to our hotel guests. Regards, Gary J. Budge Hotel Manager Note the third paragraph, which very CLEAR-ly suggests that it was the Church of Scientology that threw me out...NOT THE HOTEL SECURITY!!! VERA IS LIAR! VERA IS A LIAR!! VERA IS A LIAR!!! VERA IS A LIAR!!!! So, Vera, it's not just me saying that the "hotel security" were really $cientologists...the Hotel is saying it, too. If you are going to post to a.r.s., I suggest you stop lying, or at least start telling lies that you can get away with. Of course, Vera might just argue that it was, in fact, hotel security that assaulted me, and then, in order to cover their asses, the hotel decided to blame $cientology. But ask yourself these questions: 1) Do hotel security guards wear uniforms? And badges? Almost never. And when they do, the name of the hotel is clearly written on the badge. 2) Do hotel security guards throw people out, then stop them from leaving so they can get a photograph of the "culprit"? It would never happen. 3) Do hotel security guards continue to follow the "perpetrator" up the street....AFTER he's already left the hotel and is walking away? I doubt it. 4) Do hotel security guards grab people by the shirt collar and threaten to "BUST YOUR HEAD IN?!!!" Certainly not in a well-respected, upscale hotel like the New York Sheraton. The "security guards" who assaulted me did all of these things, and there were no markings on their uniforms or badges, to indicate who they worked for. And by the way, Vera, what CAN events have you been to where I have been present? What did I say or do that led you to believe I am a crybaby? Please elaborate for the folks here at a.r.s. Thank you.


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