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From braintree!!!sun4nl!xs4all!!not-for-mail Tue Oct 31 10:53:27 1995 Path: braintree!!!sun4nl!xs4all!!not-for-mail From: nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Capricorn #4 Date: 28 Oct 1995 17:00:18 +0100 Organization: RePLaY aND CoMPaNY UnLimited Lines: 66 Sender: Message-ID: <46tk2i$> NNTP-Posting-Host: Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII XComm: Replay may or may not approve of the content of this posting XComm: Report misuse of this automated service to <postmaster@REPLAY.COM> >From Capricorn. An analysis of the recent Scientology litigation shows a predictable course. I have various observations to make on this matter based on past experience. Firstly, I hate to have to say this, but the worst enemies of Lawrence and Dennis are themselves. Their postings on ARS are hurting their cause and giving the Scientologists ammunition which they will use to drive a wedge between the Court and them. They will use their postings to constantly "repeat the message" that Lawrence and Dennis are contemptuous towards the Courts. This is a well-known tactic of the Scientologists and is pursuant to their policy of Third Party. This continues to further their RICO case as each posting is being collected for evidence. At this stage, Lawrence appears to be in the better position as he is far more judicious in his postings. He thinks he made a huge mistake posting the Miscavige deposition notice, and obviously his attorneys are upset with him. This may be a blessing in disguise. A careful analysis shows that this may be the best thing Lawrence could have done for himself. The Scientologists use Miscavige as bait in the litigation to keep the enemy off-balance. This is pursuant to the Art of War. Closer scrutiny shows that this is merely a diversion -- for those who actually believe that Miscavige will not testify, his deposition was taken in the case where the Church sued Hill and Knowlton and WPP (their former PR firm) and in the Corydon case. He also testified in Toronto. There is a lot of hot air on ARS about how he avoids service. But he keeps showing up at every Scientology event. He was at the recent International Association of Scientologists event in Denmark and reportedly was just at the opening of the new building in D.C. (I heard this third hand -- but the source was reliable and the pattern fits, and if you have studied Scientology like I have, you will know that they are always predictable because they cannot make their own decisions, they must follow policy and therefore they follow patterns). Sure, Miscavige is the key player in Scientology. But getting his deposition is not going to help anyone's case. He is very experienced in legal matters, he used to run all the cases back in the 80's and he is the one who managed to push through the IRS exemption. However that was done, obviously he is no push-over. What will be accomplished from his deposition will be only the satisfaction of having asked him questions. You won't get any useful answers. But the cost will be enormous, as the fight to get his deposition will cost a great deal of time and effort and this will distract from the real issue at hand -- proving that the Fishman/Geertz document is in fact in the public domain. It is predictable that this is going to be the focus of the next onslaught in this litigation as it is in fact the most vulnerable point the Scientologists have in this war. Because this is a weak point, they will assault this head on. That is the Scientology way. They will spend a huge amount of money on attorneys and go on an all out blitz to hit this problem -- and you can expect this is going to be very intense. Don't be surprised if they show up with a whole new team of lawyers and experts. This would be par for the course. Those on ARS that continue to underestimate the Scientologists will laugh this off no doubt and continue to make postings that are nothing more than "your mother wears army boots" while ignoring the reality of what is happening. Make no mistake, the Scientologists are experienced, resourceful and tough litigators. If you confront the reality and ignore the hyperbole, in truth they have effectively shut down FACT Net and Dennis and have their materials tied up in Court. Capricorn


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