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From braintree!!!!!not-for-mail Tue Oct 31 10:53:56 1995 Path: braintree!!!!!not-for-mail From: (Syrinx Anonymous Remailer) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Scientology Justice Date: 29 Oct 1995 21:31:14 -0800 Organization: Community ConneXion: 510-658-6376 Lines: 54 Message-ID: <471nv2$> Reply-To: NNTP-Posting-Host: Comments: Please report misuse of this automated remailing service to <> Here is an example of what Scientology considers justice. This is my story. I left the Cult about 1987, and was still rather supportive of people who were in it. My disagreement was with the prices, not with the Tech per-se, though I did think Scientologists were too serious about it. Because they are so serious about it, less than 1% of all the auditors ever trained are still auditing. It's just too dangerous to audit, one mistake and they can take away your certificates. That's one result of Scientology "justice" by the way, NO AUDITORS, but that's another story. So I leave the cult, privately, without making a big stink, but I did go about and talk to lots of ex-members. Now remember, all this time, I'm still supportive of cult members. It isn't mine to judge them for give them a hard time. Then one day someone posts the "Scientology Enemies List" on the Internet and there's my name! I was not informed about this, I was never officially notified, I never received any letter, nothing! I was never able to confront my accusers nor did I have any kind of "hearing". Suddenly I am now fair game with Scientology telling its members that it is OK to do anything up to killing and injuring me. Probably some ethics officer got a report from someone and decided to declare me a Suppressive Person. So be it. Actually, even if I had demanded a "Comm Ev" that would have been just another "Bend Over Here it Comes Again" from Scientology and my pride level and self esteem had risen greatly since I'd left. A "Committee of Evidence" is a Scientology Kangaroo Court where the upper executives tell the board members to "get that son of a bitch on the RPF" and then the board members manufacture evidence to justify that decision. They probably don't even have Committees of Evidence anymore, at least not in the Sea Org. That is the kind of "justice" you can expect in a Scientology world. Scientology's policy is to "shoot first, ask questions later". They had better look around because all of the people who got "shot" between 1980 and now are waiting to tear it apart limb from limb. How does Scientology expect someone to react when a large multi-national corporation singles them out for "fair game" treatment? Anything anyone does against Scientology is probably justifiable as "self defense". Scientology thinks it knows why it has enemies, but it doesn't know squat. By its own rules, if it knew the truth it would AS-IS and the enemies would not exist. It has enemies because it makes them by its own internal injustice. And that's the truth.


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