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From braintree!!!uknet!!demon!! Tue Oct 31 10:54:03 1995 Path: braintree!!!uknet!!demon!! From: Kim Baker <> Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: WHY I LEFT FACTNET - 2 Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 07:51:05 GMT Lines: 227 Message-ID: <> X-NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Broken-Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 09:30:00 SAST-2 Priority: normal X-mailer: Pegasus Mail v3.22 Continued from Part 1 This was the thing that didn't make sense to me. How come so many people were able to escape "mind control"? And I concluded, again, that it was ME as an INDIVIDUAL, I had to look at. What was it in MYSELF that made me stay, despite never having personally received any "wins" from auditing, since I had none? I stayed because my ex- husband made it a condition of our marriage that I be in Scientology. I stayed because I had enjoyed auditing to such a degree, that I loved it with a passion. I stayed, because I had decided that Scientology was my religion. Those were the reasons I stayed. I struggled to leave because I really loved auditing people. That's all. I struggled to leave, because I didn't want all the affidavits, and stories of Church crimes to be true. I was not able to gain access to any alternative information that would place these affidavits in context. I couldn't explain them away. And that is where the Chruch has erred - they have not really provided sufficient information to explain it all. And they need to do it, for if they don't, people, well-intentioned people, will continue to believe only the negative stories. What I missed before, was that a lot of those stories and documents come from the time of the Guardian's Office. At that time, the Church very definitely DID go off the rails. But I genuinely believe, based on my own experience here in South Africa (and I really cannot answer for America - I don't live there, and I'm therefore not in any position to adequately judge for myself), that they have corrected these unethical acts, to a large degree. Despite the fact that I took a story to the South African press, to a major national newspaper, alleging essentially that they had "infiltrated" our government, despite the incredible amount of harm that did them, despite the fact that in fact they were teaching courses in Business technology to a portion of our new government, and that was all, despite the fact that I was one of the few "new generation" people on a.r.s that supported all those old stories, and said it's still happening - despite all that, they never once, in actual fact, harmed, harassed or Fair Gamed me. All they did was declare me Suppressive, based on my actions, and that was it. I thought I had been fair gamed, once, based on something a local critic told me, relating to a sub judice case, which I am unable to speak about, for fear of violating sub judice. I flew off the handle. In fact, I later found that what I had been told was untrue. I can honestly swear to any court, submit to any polygraph, etc, to confirm that they have never Fair Gamed me. And yet, here I was, agreeing with what everyone here (on a.r.s) believes, despite the fact that my personal experience did not match it. So, back to mind control. Is auditing mind-control? I've done a bit more research around this, and I do not profess to be an expert on mind control. But I did form the opinion that mind-control can only occur when we as individuals have an increased suggestibility - and that almost always only occurs when one has been deprived of sleep, food, is physically uncomfortable, or in pain, or drugged, or has imbibed alcohol. All of these things reduce our mental alertness, and so, suggestions can take root more easily. If we are in a normal state of alertness, we cannot really be influenced by something hidden, unless we are unaware of it. So, we find ourselves maybe agreeing to advertising, buying products based on adverts, believing what our governments are up to based on the media stories they put out, believing things because we are not really examining the source of information. Or simply believing them because a majority does. Or the *apparence* of a majority does. Apartheid South Africa is a good example of this. In those days, while Security Police were breaking down people's doors, murdering people in cold blood, detaining without trail, torturing political dissenters, etc, the TV media on the "white" channel (yes, we had a "white" channel") told news of the latest rugby results, showed pictures of the State president opening some new Afrikaner museum, or something, etc, etc. And many of the whites, when being confronted with the information of what was REALLY going on, didn't want to look, turned away from it, or really didn't believe it, because "our president would never lie to us". So, while you were all exposed to the pictures of the atrocities in the rest of the world, we never saw it, not on the official media. Eventually, that all crumbled, and the truth is all coming out now - truth after truth. Because you cannot squash the truth forever. So, what I am saying is that we are *all* suggestable, as humans, in our everyday lives, to the degree that we do not look or really examine what we are being told. If this is mind-control, then we are all under it. And so, I am certain that coercive mind-control can only take place under the conditions I described - the person has not had enough sleep, or is drugged, etc. In auditing, the PRE-REQUISTES before any session can occur, is that the person MUST have had enough sleep, MUST have eaten well, MUST not be physically uncomfortable in any way, MUST not have taken any drugs or alcohol. Yes, many of the processes run ARE repetitive. To make the person look at an area, over and over again, until they do not have any distress attached to it any more. The purpose is to make a person see something they may not have been aware of, before. They are not told what to see, they and only they can say what they see. So there are no suggestions being implanted. This is my opinion, based on my knowledge of the lower levels only. I am not qualified to give an opinion on the Upper Levels. I KNOW that many of you will not agree. But I am now satisfied that this is the truth. Now whether we think the theory behind this is a load of baloney, or not, there are many people, thousands of them, that CONSIDER that they have been helped by this. Remember Elizabeth McCoy, and Whippersnapper? Two Scientologists that were brave enough to stand their ground and post to a.r.s. about how they had been helped - Elizabeth, who received auditing to help her get through something, and to this she attributes a successful marriage - and Whippersnapper, who told, in a manner that no-one could dispute as anything other than sincere, how Scientology has helped him cope with his wife's death. I have spoken to several others, in private, on the net, who have told me of similar benefits, sincerely - not in some canned, robotic "success story" fashion, but the kind of real, genuine testimony that has the ring of truth to it. Maybe we think they are delusional mind-controlled brainwashed fools. But they have been helped, they have experienced benefit. This is NOT A BAD THING. What right do I have, then, to take that away from them? And THAT gets to the essence of where I am heading. There are a whole bunch of people out there, who have been helped by Scientology, who consider it their religion, who consider the OT levels sacred. There are a whole bunch of people who CHOOSE not to see them, until they feel they are ready. Now no matter how much anyone wants to mock the CONTENTS of the upper levels, no matter how much it may read like bad science fiction to many of us, the fact remains that those people CONSIDER it sacred to them. And it is their BASIC HUMAN RIGHT to practice their religion as they want to. NO-ONE has the right to take that away from them. NO-ONE. We may feel that this is not a religion, it's a scam, but those people feel it is their religion. That is the unshakable, indesputable fact - they CONSIDER it to be their religion. And this is the thing that has been gnawing away at me. These are people who won't even talk to me anymore, who are very angry at me, and who won't change their opinion of me until I do their Steps A - E. Well, I don't want to do Steps A - E, because that is a path back to the Church, and I don't want to go back to Scientology, for while it may have helped others, it did NOT help me, and I do most stubbornly INSIST on that as the Truth. I have, instead, hooked up with local traditional healers, and despite my white skin, I have found mentors here that are spiritually wise, kind, and warm beyond anything I have ever encountered in my own race group. These are my people. They were able to help me deal with my broken heart, they were able to help me understand it all, and they are the ones I take my guidance from, and learn from now, and help. And for Africa, this is appropriate - Africa needs her *own* people to heal her, not outsiders. But that's another, much more pleasant story. I have to get back to the unpleasant parts, now. I have to get to the hardest part. WHY I LEFT FACTNET I joined FACTNET because I wanted to research and learn more about co- ercive psychological tactics. I was talking to Bob and two days before the raid on FACTNET, I agreed to become a Director. This was based on the manifesto, which was submitted in the non-profit application. I was in full agreement with those principles expressed. I already knew about the raid on Arnie, and I was very angry at that. I remember when Arnie first posted the Fishman documents to the Internet, and wrote "Have a nice day, Miscavige", I thought to myself "THAT will hurt the bastards" - the bastards being Miscavige, the RTC, and Upper Church Management. At that stage, no-one knew that he was a Director of FACTNET. By the time I had joined FACTNET, I knew about the raid on Arnie, and was aware of all the implications, but did not anticipate the raid on FACTNET itself. That caught us all by surprise. I had been working on editing the Press Release, which was to be posted later that week, after Lawrence had approved it, when I suddenly got the word that FACTNET had been raided. I jumped in, feet first, and posted the release, and spoke out, loudly, at what I saw as an outrageous attack on Freedom of Speech. I could not understand why the Church had done it. When the information later came out that it was for copyright violations, which Lawrence alleges was merely a smoke screen as they wanted access to FACTNET's information, I started to have misgivings. But I said nothing, as I didn't want to hurt the Cause. So, I changed the focus onto other issues. This has now turned into a fight over the copyrights. FACTNET will be challenging their authenticity in the courts, as they have openly stated. They are fighting back, at the heart of the Church. I was instructed to do research on the secret, Nazi, Occult origins of the materials contained in the Fishman documents, and promote dialogue around the subject, and get others to do the same. Joe Harrington has also been doing this. I have examined the OT materials extensively, and I have talked to, and researched several sources on Black magic, and I have found nothing that is similar to the purpose, and formulation of the OT levels, as contained in the Fishman documents. I may have missed something, others may be able to find evidence of undisputed plagiarism on Hubbards part, but I have found none. Then, when the Church started posting allegations that FACTNET is a scam, etc, I thought "oh, well, that's easy enough - just post all our financial records openly, to the net." Even though I had agreed to become a Director, I had not yet seen any financial records, or asked for them, since I assumed they would just be available, and in good order. I asked, and asked, and received no satisfactory answer. People were sending contributions, and asking me for confirmation that they had been received, and I was unable to do this, as I couldn't get any answers from the people in the States. Yet I was a Director. This was making me distinctly uneasy, as by being a Director, I would be held accountable for this, even though I had no personal financial interest in this, and gave of my time and expertise freely. Up until the time I resigned, I still had not seen any records, or received any assurances that they were available - Lawrence eventually told me that they had "gone in the raid", and would have to be re-constructed by the Treasurer. Continued in Part 3.


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