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From braintree!!!!btnet!!pipex!!warwick!!psgrain!!usenet Tue Oct 31 10:53:16 1995 Path: braintree!!!!btnet!!pipex!!warwick!!psgrain!!usenet From: (RichieB) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: BigWin(tm) at the library Date: Sat, 28 Oct 1995 08:09:06 GMT Organization: "That Darn Xenu" Productions Lines: 89 Message-ID: <46sof6$> Reply-To: NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: Forte Agent .99b.112 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- I decided to check out my local libraries today and see what info I could find about $cientology. My first stop was the library at my university, where I found about 10 books by Elron, "Messiah or Madman" by Corydon (already own it - no help there), and "The Road to Total Freedom" by Wallis, which I snagged. There was a copy of "All About Radiation" on another floor, but I was too lazy to get it (isn't that the one that identifies Hubbard as an atomic physicist on the cover?). The Phatman's droppings had all been donated by the local org, many years ago by the looks of them. The one that caught my eye was a slim volume entitled, "Introduction to Scientology Ethics" (published by the American Saint Hill Organization, Los Angeles, 1974), even though I've already had an introduction to their ethics right here on a.r.s. More interesting than the book itself were the notations that previous readers had made in the margins. On page 12, in a section describing the attributes of the "anti-social personality," someone had written: Science supports its claims with either direct experimentation or observation -> None of these statements are supported. Later in the book the "Ethics Codes" themselves are laid out. Next to #20 under "General Misdemeanors" ("inadequate or declining income or traffic" in an org or zone) what appeared to be a different reader noted: lower revenue = ethics violation! Other "crimes" that had marks beside them were: ridiculing Scientology, testifying "hostilely" against Co$, giving "anti-Scientology" information to the press, and (my favorite) someone demanding the return of money for incompleted training when they blow (the book admitted that the money had to be returned, but said it still was a "high crime"). I left satisfied that students at my school know how to evaluate data. Thanks are due to the local org for giving us the opportunity to learn more about $cientology! The county library had less books by the Bloated One, but the few they had were big and colorful, like "What is Scientology?" My BigWin(tm) for the day, though, was when I looked in the computerized catalog and saw there were 4 copies of "A Piece of Blue Sky" listed, and that only one was "lost". Woohoo! There were two copies on the shelf, and one had the following written in on the title page: Those of a religious faith - be forewarned. Men who spread blatant, vicsious (sic) lies such as these are a VERY REAL THREAT to religious freedom in the world! Take heed - study _both_ sides of the issues! (for _all_ religions!) This moving passage prompted me to select that very copy of the book to check out. I then journeyed home to excercise my religious freedom and study Atack's "lies" about $cientology. BigWin(tm) for me! Rich SP1 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: 2.6.2 iQCVAwUBMJGY3IT0GKfZRA/9AQHhTgQAkltHAh3YGBr9ars7gqa1dXbrmYzRohO+ FVPl2cioS5Lwg9fB90TOY0Nl/TvPKXxEWpOvEOQU+KJQnZkC3tb/Wyzr37jJix7V GsaZJlMcCNkEJHpckzvINhNPCE/nJXMRqNoliJUBZEQHkLANHfSLrpyxlPC3oUpI +U/U72PgJKo= =S2KM -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- ______________________________________________________________________ Rich Burroughs -- -- --- Opinions are mine, not Teleport's Authentic news posts from my account should bear a valid PGP signature PGP key fingerprint: 1F A1 40 72 92 02 DE 7A 80 D0 5A 57 D3 1C 87 86


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