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From braintree!!!!!!!!!janda Thu Nov 2 15:58:10 1995 Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Path: braintree!!!!!!!!!janda From: (Keith "Justified And Ancient" Cochran) Subject: There's a pyramid on my head... Message-ID: <> Organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 261-4700 guest) Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 02:53:36 GMT Lines: 56 Sender: Ok, once again I bow before the founts of knowledge of the ex-scientologists such as Dennis, Phil, and our anonymous guests, in hopes of gaining enough knowledge to quench my insatiable thirst: In _History of Man_, we learn that after death, the Thetan travels to an implant station, there to be implanted with things until such times as it gains a new body. Now, we know that there are 14 or 15 levels to "the bridge", the higher ones being "unreleased" until certain conditions are met. The question that has been puzzling me: At what point along the bridge is the Thetan no longer compelled to visit an implant station after death? Now remember, at the implant stations they make you forget your past, forget that you are a Thetan, reimplant you with stuff, and may implant you with new things. At what point does the Thetan no longer forget what it knew? At what point are past-life memories freely available to the newly-born body of the Thetan? _At what point does the Thetan no longer have to start at the beginning when going up the bridge, but can freely build on the knowledge gained in previous lives?_ My first guess is OTV ("Cause over MEST"), but there have surely been thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of OTV folks who have dropped their body, and I don't see any upsurge in people with reincarnational memories. My next guess would be OTVIII ("You're God, dude"), but again, there must be at least a dozen people who were OTVIII who dropped their bodies, and that many people who had accurate recollection of past life memories would cause a great controversy in the scientific circles. My third guess then, is that this stage is obtained in one of the "unreleased" levels. If this is true, then it's all a joke. All the money you've spent for auditing, all the hours you've spent holding soup cans, running around trees, the "billion-year contract", all of it is worthless. Because when you drop your body, you will forget everything you ever knew, and be reimplanted with anything that may have been audited out. Unless you can get to a level in this lifetime that allows you to avoid going back to the implant station, you lose _everything_ you've gained in each life each time you drop your body. Anybody who feels like showing the holes in my logic, please do so. -- According to Kendrick Moxon, lawyer and expert witness for the cult of Scientology, the fact that Jesus was a pedophile is a part of the cult of Scientology's holy scriptures. Read alt.religion.scientology for more!


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