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From braintree!!!!!!!!!dst Thu Nov 2 15:58:14 1995 Path: braintree!!!!!!!!!dst From: (Dave Touretzky) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology, Subject: how to operate an E-meter Date: 31 Oct 1995 08:57:42 GMT Organization: School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon Lines: 69 Message-ID: <474oe6$> References: <46pstt$> <4715cp$> <> NNTP-Posting-Host: Xref: braintree alt.religion.scientology:120071 Hubbard himself says that the E-meter is a Wheatstone bridge. The following is a quote from page 1 of The Book Introducing the E-Meter, "photographed and compiled from the lectures and demonstrations by L. RON HUBBARD" (as it says on the title page): "This is a Hubbard Electrometer called an E-Meter for short. Technically it is a specially developed "Wheatstone Bridge" well known to electrically minded people as a device to measure the amount of resistance to a flow of electricity." Come to think of it, given Scientology's fixation with removing "charge" from the "reactive mind", all of us are "electrically minded people". In addition to watching the needle swing back and forth, another thing a Scientology auditor is trained to do is play constantly with the range control (called a Tone Arm) to keep the needle from going off-scale. Changes in the tone arm setting (or "TA") supposedly indicate gross changes in the subject's mental state. Downward change in TA (leftward motion of the knob) is associated with the "release of charge", i.e., evidence that progress is being made. There is even a special attachement to the tone arm knob to tally leftward motions so you can track how much charge was released during the auditing session. Of course the tone arm also has to move rightward, but I think that's supposed to happen when the auditor has latched on to some new engram that then has to be audited out (producing leftward motion again.) It's not as easy to work one of these gizmos as you might think. You have to work the tone arm with one hand, give your auditing question, listen to the preclear's response, properly acknowledge his utterance, and make notes of responses and needle motions. The Scientology training focuses on issues such as being able to instanty recognize the ten main kinds of needle motions and what they mean, and knowing when a needle movement is significant and when it should be ignored. (The significant ones are the ones that occur right at the end of the preclear's utterance. Movements that occur in the middle of an utterance may indicate charge attached to some word taken in isolation, but don't indicate the charge state of the engram the entire utterance is referencing.) Yes, I realize this is all nonsense. But it's *elaborate* nonsense, and requires some dedication to master. One of the principles of Scientology is that you never pursue a question past a floating needle (or "F/N"). The floating indication means that all the charge has supposedly been released. Of course, if you do take a question past an F/N, you will discover that the needle doesn't float any more. How can that be, if the charge is all gone? Scientology has an explanation for this: you're causing damage to the preclear, which means that charge is now accumulating instead of being released, and this damage then has to be audited away -- until, of course, you get back to an F/N. Here's what I'm guessing is really going on. Being able to float the needle requires the subject to produce a certain kind of biophysical response (manifested as a slowly and continuously varying body resistance), and it can be hard to keep this up. So as soon as you get an F/N you're supposed to drop the question and move on to something else. This prevents the preclear from discovering that an F/N doesn't really correlate with any permanent change in his mental state. But the preclear has been trained to produce brief F/Ns with some regularity, so if you do go past an F/N, and you run the appropriate auditing process for that, you will eventually get him to produce another one. The thing is, if you run no auditing process at all and just say "Think of a cheeseburger. Thank you." over and over, you're still going to get an F/N eventually. When you do, stop. Hey, I think I just invented some new "tech". The L. Ronald McDonald rundown: "Think of a cheeseburger. Thank you." -- Dave Touretzky, KoX (SP4): would you like any fries with that?


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