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From braintree!!!!!noring Thu Nov 2 15:58:27 1995 Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Path: braintree!!!!!noring From: (Jon Noring) Subject: --> It's time for Jon Noring to move on Message-ID: <> Organization: Netcom Online Communications Services (408-241-9760 login: guest) Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 23:07:08 GMT Lines: 77 Sender: Hello everybody, Back in January I joined with others in the Internet community to protect the freedoms of speech, expression and religion as a result of misdirected efforts by the Church of Scientology, specifically RTC, to deal with what they regarded (or so they say) as alleged copyright infringements of its "Scriptures". We circulated a "Letter" which expressed our concern and displeasure with CoS/RTC actions and called upon them to cooperate with the Internet community in order to deal with their concerns in a way that was satisfactory for all sides. From this "Letter" we got 666 signatures (sort of an interesting number since Lucifer himself has been brought into recent discussions on a.r.s.), and we got this many signatures when alt.religion.scientology was still a backwater "mud puddle" newsgroup on the outer fringes (the "twilight zone") of Usenet. Since then, by the efforts of many, the Internet community was mobilized to protect itself, and the freedoms of speech and religion it cherishes, and as a result, alt.religion.scientology has rapidly grown to become one of the largest newsgroups on Usenet, with a readership that probably numbers over 100,000. And things have spilled over to the WWW as well, with now hundreds of well-advertised Web pages now in existence discussing all aspects of Scientology. Had CoS heeded the advice of the January letter, and worked with the Internet community, a.r.s. would still be a backwater newsgroup, the number of critical Scientology WWW pages could probably be counted on one's hand, and the upper-tech materials would probably not have been disseminated over the Internet and the entire world to the extent as they now have. I'm sure that's some of results that CoS wanted all along. No matter what CoS believes, cooperation and compromise will always get you more in the long run than confrontation. When I joined the "fray" back in January, I had intended to help out for a month or so. But as events unfolded, my date for "moving on" kept getting pushed back. However, it is time for me to move on. Thus, from this time on I will greatly reduce my activism in this area -- I will no longer post to a.r.s. or on the subject of Scientology (except to answer posts which bring up my name somehow and needs clarification as to what I did or did not say), nor be involved in other ways. I want to focus my attention on my own publishing business, and possibly to begin activism in another area I'm very interested in: elimination of the income tax to be replaced by a National Sales Tax (curiously, CoS is heavily promoting this alternative tax as well but for reasons that no doubt are quite different than mine -- "politics" does make *very* strange bedfellows.) However, if CoS embarks on a massive blitzkrieg to destroy/discredit its net.critics, and takes actions which would clearly set a dangerous precedent for destroying net.freedoms, I may jump back into the "fray". Or, I suppose, if CoS launches its RICO suit against various net.critics (among others), I might become involuntarily "re"involved if I'm added to the RICO list of defendents. Of course, I'm prepared for this possible eventuality, and have been ever since Capricorn first exposed this threat. My last words of advice are for those protecting the Internet to always take the high moral ground. Don't do anything illegal, for example, posting copyrighted documents in excess of Fair Use. From what I've learned about the documents regarding Scientology, there's more than enough which are public domain for people to use for whatever purpose they have in mind. And when you do post on Scientology, try to write on a higher level of ethics, document as much as possible, and try not to attack individuals, no matter how tempting (and I've been guilty of doing this), but rather rationally discuss and argue the ideas and assertions. Emotion is alright if it is tempered with a healthy dose of reason. I'm sure you'll see me around the Internet in other ways, so it's not really a goodbye. My heart is with those who will work to keep the Internet free for all, as I believe it may become one of the greatest revolutions in the history of mankind, passing the printing press and other notable inventions for its impact on the world. And I do hope that CoS will heed our call and begin to work with the Internet community in a spirit of cooperation to deal with any legitimate issues they may have. There is still time to do so. Jon Noring -- OmniMedia | OmniMedia's Electronic Bookstore is NOW on the WEB! 9671 S. 1600 West St. | URL: South Jordan, UT 84095 | FTP: /pub/softlock/pc/products/OmniMedia 801-253-4037 | E-MAIL: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GRAND OPENING! OmniMedia's Electronic Bookstore -- Visit it today!


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