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From braintree!!!!!agate!!!alberta!usenet Fri Nov 3 10:11:56 1995 Path: braintree!!!!!agate!!!alberta!usenet From: Vladimir Alexiev <> Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: McShane: Are the materials actually harmful taken out of order? Date: 02 Nov 1995 18:12:43 -0700 Organization: University of Alberta, Computing Science Lines: 48 Sender: Message-ID: <> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: Gnus v5.0 Mr McShane (the chief man on copyrights) seems to be of the opinion that an isolated part of a course can in fact be useful. 16 DEPOSITION OF: 17 WARREN McSHANE 18 May 9, 1995 101 1 Q. And in your view, can a person derive 2 benefit from any single one aspect of a course without 3 having the entire course? 4 A. Certainly. 5 Q. In what respect? 6 A. A person can derive benefit by reading any 7 of Mr. Hubbard's works. However he believes that materials taken out of order can be harmful: 25 Q. Any other way that potential parishoners 112 1 may be harmed? 2 A. Spiritually they could be harmed if 3 they're exposed to this material when they're not 4 supposed to be. But the nature of this harm is hard to explain to outsiders: 5 Q. How so? 6 Counsel to the Witness: Without going into detail 7 about the material. 8 THE WITNESS: I can't answer that. 9 Q. Is it that you can't 10 answer it because of the -- why is it that you can't 11 answer? 12 A. One, you wouldn't understand my answer in 13 the first place because we'd be talking about the 14 phenomenon that occurs when you people see those 15 materials. It really is hard... The best he can do is: 21 Q. Can you describe that, what you're 22 familiar with, what your experience is in that regard? 23 A. I've seen several people experience 24 discomfort, other physical manifestations. I don't 25 know how else to describe it.


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