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From braintree!uunet!!!!!!!netnews Tue Jan 2 10:19:14 1996 Path: braintree!uunet!!!!!!!netnews From: FISHMAN ) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Fishman: I never have posted anonymously! Date: 23 Dec 1995 00:26:20 GMT Organization: Netcom Lines: 125 Message-ID: <4bfibc$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-NETCOM-Date: Fri Dec 22 4:26:20 PM PST 1995 Dear alt.religion.scientology readers, I have been told by that someone has posted something anonymously in my name, claiming some strange pretext that "my internet provider has been infiltrated." I have not seen the post, but I want to assure everyone reading this that I do not post anonymously. Remember: even though I do not know squat or beans about PGP (although everyone is encouraging me to learn, but WHERE do I learn about it?), I have always taken the approach that it is absolutely vital for me to be open, honest and not hide behind anonymous postings or any such thing. I have no idea what the anonymous post said, but obviously my Dead Agent Club, with its corporate directors Andy Milne, Vera Wallace, Glind, et. al., have obviously tried to do one of the following: (1) Make me look crazy in order to conform with Scientology's wish list (2) Said things to contradict testimony I have given in any one of the four legal battles I am currently involved in (3) In some way tried to discredit me on the Internet If anyone has a copy of this anonymous posting, please send it to me at my e-mail addresses: either or If anyone sees any anonymous posting attributed to me in my name, please similarly let me know. One thing you will never see is me posting anything anonymously. This is what drives OSA and Freedom Magazine completely and totally nuts. They don't like critics to be overt --- they want only covert critics. Andy Milne and Vera Wallace would probably love to know what would make me stop. Well, I'll be happy to tell them what has to happen: (1) The IRS Tax Exemption must be revoked and overturned, and Church of Scientology RPF concentration camps must no longer be a tax shelter for the ongoing criminal enterprise of Scientology. (2) The RPF's must be set free and amnesty international has to be allowed in there and a full investigation by the Justice Department has to be done as to why you have ex-members held in private church prisons for indeterminate life sentences. Church Management (INT), and Sea Org staff responsible for starving, beating, denying sleep and forcing people to work and commit acts against their will must be arrested, prosecuted and convicted. (3) The secret agreement between the IRS and Miscavige of October 1, 1993, wherein Miscavige stipulated that L. Ron Hubbard was responsible for the criminal acts for which he died a wanted fugitive must be published, and Church management must publish its secret admissions recognizing L. Ron Hubbard's criminal status at the time of his death and the criminal acts he perpetrated while he was alive. (4) A full accounting of all of the gold bullion stored at Hemet, Gilman Hot Springs, Crestline and Rio Trementina and all other RPF's worldwide must be written up and made public, so that investigators of the Secret Service, Treasury Department, IRS, and other branches of the Justice Department can uncover the global operation to collapse the currencies of third world countries put into place by L. Ron Hubbard and Norman Starkey and now implemented by David Miscavige, known as "Operation Paper Chase." (5) The church must provide a full accounting to the Immigration and Naturalization Service of all illegal immigrants brought in and sent out of the United States to fill Sea Org posts and work the RPF's between 1974-1995, with 1974 being the first full year the Sea Org went ashore on U.S. soil; (6) The church must make public and take full responsibility for the paranoia, schizophrenia, delusional thinking, and psychotic behavior caused by the use and abuse of the OT levels, and stop calling these documents "scriptures" of the Church; (7) The church must publicly announce and admit its ties to Satanism, and must disclose those portions of its technology which Hubbard plaguerized from Aleister Crowley and other known Satanists. The church must identify those portions of the Clearing course which have their roots in Satanic practice (such as auditing out "the light" on the Clearing course), as well as the numbering of Clears (described by theologians and researchers into the Scientology-Satanic connection as the "Mark of the Beast.") (8) The church must publicly admit its position on de-Christianization, and must come forward and acknowledge the writings and tapes of Hubbard where he called Christ a "pedophile", a "lover of young boys", and where he stated as he did on Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Tape # 112, "Christ died for his own sins." The church cannot secretly be an anti-Christian religion and pretend that it is not." (9) The church must publicly admit that Fair Game is very much alive and well at OSA, and should describe all operations, programs and projects including Dead Agenting which have taken place in the last twenty years and ongoing at this time. Well, Andy and Vera, we will start with these and work our way forward. I promise you, Andy and Vera, I will be in your face, in every battle, wherever it is fought, in this country or any country in the world, until these demands are met. Andy and Vera, you can dead agent me all you want, post anonymous messages in my name to your hearts' content, send me junk mail from here to eternity; but you will have me around for a very long time. You might as well get used to it. My goal is to be the biggest SP on the planet, so I can do the most good and help the most people. Sincerely, Steve Fishman at or


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