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From braintree!!!skylink!usenet Tue Jan 2 10:27:11 1996 Path: braintree!!!skylink!usenet From: Ted Mayett <> Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Vegas Picket - Day One (again) Date: 28 Dec 1995 05:25:59 GMT Organization: Skylink Networks ( Lines: 204 Message-ID: <4bt9p7$> NNTP-Posting-Host: Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit X-Mailer: Mozilla 1.22 (Windows; I; 16bit) My sign said, ____________ I Want My Declare ____________ I notified the police at 1:48pm and arrived at the Sahara building at 3:27pm, and they were ready. Normally there are 8-12 vehicles parked in the lot. When I arrived there were 17. In the short time I picketed 5 police vehicles cruised by. It certainly seems Scieno has someone sympathetic in the Police Dept. 3:27 I started marching. 3:33 about 7 of them crowded the glass door to smile and wave at me. They crowded their side of the door. The street was mine. One of them, before they crowded the door, asked me about the sign. I told her I have been on the internet asking OSA for the Declare and they will not give it to me so I'm picketing for it. And that was all I said at that time. Everything was uneventful for about 30 minutes. I made eye contact whenever I could and hit them with the baddest TR 0 they have ever seen. About 3:45 this older woman I have never met before came out to talk with me. I told her that she would have to walk with me if she wanted to talk because walking is a picket requirement. And so we walked and talked. I told her about 1995, 5 raids, 15 new lawsuits, 20 million in attorneys, Germany, Canada, The Netherlands. She asked me how I knew it was true. I told her I had asked OSA repeatedly to deny it. Which I did a few times those first few weeks on the net VIA e-mail to She said the internet is full of lies, I said it has court documents and newspaper articles. But that she should ignore those and stay with Freedom mag, Auditor and Impact. I asked if she remembered when the study tech was used to teach 1.5 million children in S. Africa. She did. I told her the people in S. Africa never saw it happen. The bantering went back and forth for awhile. I almost slipped up once, told her scieno was the most barratrous, and I almost said cult, instead of religion. After awhile I wore her down, she really started to listen. I kept it all very, very gentle. I lied a lot. I took the stance that Hubbard and Scientology were good, that the problem was OSA. That OSA was out-tech and dragging scieno down. That the tech was not being followed by OSA. She asked why I was picketing. I said I care about scieno, that I am here to shake staff out of their apathy, that only Scientologists care if Scientology survives, and the Scientologists don't care. I waved at the traffic and said it's a real world out here, that staff is a laughing stock. That the modern science of mental health, the most technologically developed religion on the planet should be abreast of the times. That the internet would save this org alone $220 a month in long distance fees, that planet wide this would amount to millions of dollars. And yet OSA does not allow it. That somebody has to handle OSA. That I am here as a bridge between management and staff, and that if I have to picket for a year to shake off the apathy I will picket for a year. Because I care about Scientology. Well I made a sale today, this woman is a believer. Unfortunately she is nothing near an official spokesperson. We then discussed courses for a bit, very gentle conversation. She said she had to leave, we parted company smiling. As soon as she left me, 4:34pm, I raced across the street to my car and drove away. I'll be training them in the days to come. When they talk to me I will leave, but only if they've really listened. One by one I'll get through to them, and I'll lie a lot. My only goal is to get them on the net. The web pages will do the rest. OSA, you must Declare me. You have no choice. I have committed crimes against the church and I can prove them. 1) I have receipts from 7/28/95-8/5/95 proving I received money back from the church. Also I can subpoena CCLV staff to prove I received money back. I doubt you can get them all to lie. 2) I held a picket Sep 9 1995 with a sign saying 'stop the raids'. I do not have wog witnesses to this but at least a dozen staff and public witnessed it. Again I doubt that you can get them all to lie. 3) 12/19/95 I placed an ad in the newspaper publicly departing Scientology. I have a copy of the ad. You must Declare me for these crimes. I will picket for this Declare until you do. This woman I mentioned asked me why I wanted a Declare. I told her to ask OSA, they know why. Locally the people do not know why I am pushing for this document. The net knows I will be airing the legality of the document in court. The locals don't. They are going to have to hear it from you. I've had it with this cult. I'm taking it to the streets. Cyberspace is fine, cyberspace is fun. But I'm taking it to the streets. #scientology is a pleasure I cannot enjoy again. I cannot have my case (no pun intended <g>) aired in my presence. Fact is this picketing will cost me time on ARS also. Only so many hours in a day. I'm going to be hitting them hard from now on. Arriving at random times, staying for different lengths of time. Some days I'll be there when they open, sometimes when they close. My tolerance level has been exceeded. I absolutely will not walk my city in fear. As a human being and an American citizen I have certain basic rights. We all have rights. OSA, you have gone too far. You will mend your ways or I will not leave you alone. Every time you turn around I'll be there looking at you. I am very angry. You will stop getting kids fired from their jobs, you will stop harassing women, you will stop raiding men's homes. You will change what policies need to be changed or you will be relegated to a place in history, a memory. I cannot hold a candle to the work that has been done and is being done on this newsgroup. What I do do well is the streets, the streets and I are old friends. And that's where I'll be. If you want to talk to me it's going to have to be by e-mail. If there's a post you want me to see, or a post you think I need to see, do it by e-mail. I'll post at least once every 48 hours, I know some of you are concerned. Of course I'll follow ARS as much as possible. But I will be in the streets. I am going to bring it home to staff and public. They are going to have to deal with me when they enter and leave the orgs. Here in Vegas their days of innocence are over. It took a few e-mails to say I would be declared. Here's one, ------------- Wait, there is more. OSA, The ad I ran 12/19/95, I publicly depart Scientology, I do not believe in Xenu. I cannot afford $360,000 for Spiritual Freedom. T.M. Will run again on 1/1/96. Again it runs for one day. I'm giving you notice this time because I want you to scramble to try and stop it. I know you have someone inside the paper, I just don't know who. If this ad is stopped I'll find out. The paper ran the ad once, I'll see them in court if they do not run it again. Small Claims, I'll sue for free ad time. The ad I want to place will run in 16 newspapers at one time for 5 days. It will cost $1,250.00. It will be seen in three NV papers and 13 CA papers. There are legalities to be worked out first, I'll be meeting with supervisors in '96. You can stop this bigger ad, give me my Declare and I won't run it. I may run it otherwise. I will have my Declare. Today's picket was in memory of a kid found dead on the Apollo. (this quote is not verbatim, if anyone has it at their finger tips I might use it as my sig) " I'm not saying that a bared breast will stop a cannonball, but if enough breasts are bared the cannonballs will stop." L. Ron Hubbard


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