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Scientology cult's plan to attack the Internet:

Wednesday, September 14, 1994HANDLING A.R.S.

Situation: The Internet is a potentially highly effective Planetary Dissemination tool. A particular section of the Internet (Usenet Newsgroup alt.religion.Scientology) was begun by an enemy of Scientology. Currently many CAN connected deprogrammer types and disaffected Scientologists, about 15 individuals, have made this Internet bulletin board a place to spread entheta about Scientology.

They have vowed to take this false information and put it all over the Internet which according to latest estimates has over 20 million participants and is growing by 1 million people per month.

Data: Some public Scientologists, in their attempts to handle the entheta, have engaged in debates with the deprogrammers, in violation of policy.

There are random efforts but no coordinated actions to terminate the a.r.s. situation. An on policy solution is needed to properly handle. Policy: " THE DEFENSE OF ANYTHING IS UNTENABLE. The only way to defend anything is to ATTACK." LRH Ability Mag Article (page 47 Tech Vol. III)


1.) HCOPl 5 April 1965, Issue I, HANDLING THE SUPPRESSIVE PERSON, THE BASIS OF INSANITY (OEC Vol. I page 990 through page 991 the first 6 paragraphs,

page 993 #10, and page 995 the first 5 paragraphs) 2.) HCOPl 27 October 1964R, POLICIES ON PHYSICAL HEALING, INSANITY AND SOURCES OF TROUBLE (OEC Vol. I page 987 last 2 paragraphs)

3.) HCOPl 9 June 1975, PR SERIES 27, THE ENEMY LINE

4.) HCOPl 21 November 1972, PR SERIES 18, HOW TO HANDLE BLACK PROPAGANDA PRIMARY TARGETS1.) Someone to be responsible for the execution of this program

2.) Design a project Org Board.3.) Read and understand this program.

4.) All project personnel to read and study the above referencesVITAL TARGETS

1.) Arrange financing for this project .

2.) Ensure the use of debug tech to handle bugged targets.

3.) Get a sidecheck from Church terminals on this program.

4.) Ensure LRH Policy is followed in executing this program.

5.) Report bugs or security problems immediately.

" A VT would have to be to keep in the basic rule of not e*mailing [ie TNX] anything that you would be unwilling to have show up anywhere. Although this might be a nuisance at times, it is VITAL." Lee HoltzingerOPERATING TARGETS

1.) Project I/C to arrange for a personnel I/C who will obtainvolunteers

1A.) Establish a record of phone address and E*Mail address for each project member.2.) Project I/C to appoint an operations I/C.

2A.) Project I/C to appoint a Legal I/C

2B.) Project I/C to appoint a Security Officer/EO

3.) Operations I/C to appoint 5 "posting I/C's".

A.) Success Posting I/C

B) BPI Issues Posting I/C

C.) D/A Posting I/C

D.) Satire/Humor Posting I/C

E.) A.R.S. Board Reader I/C (Must be OT V or above)

e.) I.) Ensure that A.R.S. Readers are rotated monthly

4.) Each I/C to gather or receive from personnel I/C from 3-5 sectionmembers.

5.) Each I/C to hat section members on the program and LRH Policies.

5a.) Each member to write sample posts for a pass before posting

6.) Each I/C to hat "posters" on Copyright and TM Scientology Policy Directive of 26 August 1982 Revised 17 February 1994 "UNDERSTANDING TRADEMARKSAND THE USE AND PROTECTION OF"SCIENTOLOGY AND DIANETICS.

7.) Personnel I/C to get the names of the Moderated Board Project Personnel.

8.) Moderated Board Project I/C to liaise with A.R.S. Project I/C.

9.) I/C to write an analysis of the project effectiveness after the first week of operation.

10.) Establish a "computer tech" I/C to make access to electronic libraries easy and to facilitate information flow. PRODUCTION TARGETS

1.) By September 25th. to have a minimum of 80 posts to a.r.s. all at once.

2.) To have no less than 50 posts per day to a.r.s. for the next month.

Stats: Number of on policy posts per day to a.r.s.

Gimmick: Let's get out the TRUTH about Scientology


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