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Scientology GO/OSA cultist Russell Shaw plans to attack the Internet:

[Note: The Scientology crooks did just this (search The Skeptic Tank's web site for the word "sporgery" at http://www.raids.org/search/ for a list of web pages which describes these attacks.) - flr]

Date: Sat, 28 Jan 1995 06:38:59
From: WONDERFULR@aol.com

I think I may have a solution that can work for everybody. When I asked for help in getting the graffiti spraying to stop, you guys held back. One even posted that you folks *knew* a way to stop it, but would not tell me.

Now, I understand that I am a net newbie, but let me run this idea by you. I want the graffiti to stop. You have your free speech rights. If you were doing what you are doing in private e-mail, I would not know (or care). I just don't like the endless stuff that gets repeated here that is vile and false.Solution: I send a request uplines in the church for an official worldwide Call to Arms. We want each Scientologist with a computer and a modem to post their success stories to *every* newsgroup that has any sizeable amount of black PR being posted.

The Scientologists would need to be notified of which newsgroups and their net address. The Scientologists would not need to read any of the existing posts on those newsgroups, as they can see all the success stories they like, at their local org.

Now, I'm not talking about paltry 100-200 posts a day. I'm talking about ENOUGH of the success stories to really "paint over" all of the graffiti. If a particular newsgroup had 100 negative posts a day going to it, then we would need to post at *least* 2000-3000 success stories a day to that newsgroup.

To make sure that *our* stuff is on an "equal footing" with the black pr stuff, each Scientologist posting would need the names of the current threads and only use those names for their subject headers. These would change from month to month, so there is a bit of admin involved, but I'm certain it can be done.

To ensure that a negative sysop does not kill file the theta posts, the success story posters could post from anonymous remailers. They might need to change the anonymous remailer site they posted from once in a while to ensure that their posts got through, but this could be handled (again, with a bit of organization)

What I envision is that every newsgroup that has significant entheta posts getting ENOUGH theta posts to completely cancel out thenegative. I could be way off on the numbers. It might take 9000-10,000 posts a day to some newsgroups to do the job. But if that is what it takes, then that is what it takes.

This would be a real opportunity for Scientologists everywhere to contribute, without really spending a lot of time. When I consider how much Scientologists like to help and how little of their time this would take, I see real possibilities. There are probably enough Scientologists in Los Angles alone to do this, but I see it as a world wide cooperative effort amongst the group. Plus, I like the international idea.

What is now ars (or other similar newsgroups) could become large e- mail groups. You guys can enjoy your free speech, and I get the graffiti to stop.Naturally, this is just my idea at this point, and there may be something I have not considered.

If the church did endorse the idea, it would be a great PR move too. The broad press releases about how Scientology success stories (and selected texts like What is Scientology) were available at no charge on the internet.There are details of course; , like someone to monitor all net newsgroups for selected words (Scn, C of S, Hubbard, etc.) to see if there were new places that needed some success stories.

This is just a rough outline of my plan, and I know it needs a lot of polishing. As there are a lot of people here who know considerably more about computers and the internet than I, please feel free to post your input on this idea.I welcome the assistance. I want to work this out.

Sincerely, Russell Shaw


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