From: "Fredric L. Rice" <frice@raids.org>
To: "David" <dave@fbcmaryville.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 13:49:16 -0700
Subject: Gee. Another vague, undefined, illiterate rant without a clue

At 16:52 6/13/98 -0500, David wrote:

Greetings, David!

d> It's easy to hide behind an internet page,

Is it? How, exactly, does someone "hide behind a web page?" Could you offer some specifics covering this, well, unusual suggestion of yours, please? I know that there are anonymous remailers yet I don't think I've ever seen an anonymous web server before.

d> but you have not given on ounce of fact
d> to your slander you perpitrate here.

If you know of any "slander" being perpetrated, perhaps you had best alert your local police authority and report the crime, don't you think? It is your duty as a citizen, you know, to report crimes when you see them otherwise criminality will run rampant and unchecked.

You might even wish to alert the FBI in the event such "slandering" is talking place over State lines. It would be the Christian thing to do, you know.

d> Isn't it time you actually attend a meeting and find out the real
d> facts before bringing out whatever hurt you are holding onto from
d> your past.

Interesting. What kind of "meeting?" I don't drink, use drugs, or engage in unusual sexual behavior of any kind so I can't imagine what kind of "meeting" you might be complaning about. You wouldn't mind being a little more specific with your allegations, would you?

Thanks in advance. <smile>

d> Just a thought.

But obviously not your own.

If you are looking for assistance escaping a cult, just ask. We can help.


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