The Skeptic Tank is a publically-accessable BBS which has many thousands of text files. Finding information that might be useful or informative can be difficult when there's so much of it so I have put forth some effort to group the files into subject. Additionally our staff has written an Inverted Index program and have indexed most of the text files so that keyword searches may be performed upon request (If you're interested in Mormon pseudoarcheology, as an example, you can ask us to look for all documents with that subject and we can run a search using "Mormon" and "archeology" as keywords; we'll then send you all that we find.)

These WEB pages provide the names of files, grouped by subject. Since the files are not available directly from Internet, you must ask for the files to be emailed to you -- or you may sign onto The Skeptic Tank directly and download the files yourself.

Additionally, if you wish to have something FAXed to you, all you need do is e-mail your FAX number and I will send you the text of the files you specify.

Lastly, if you're interested in performing research on a subject, you may send us an information request and we will perform searches on the archives and forward to you what we find.

If you find some files that you would like to receive, all you need to do is click on the box to the left of the file name and description and then hit the "Request Selected Files" button at the end of the page. The software will send me a list of the files you requested. When that message comes in, the files will automatically be sent to your return mail address.

If you wish, you may send me an e-mail message containing a list of the file names you are interested in as well, bypassing the box checking. Checking the boxes and sending in the request is much faster, however, and removes the chances for spelling or typing errors.

Some times email responses will take a couple of days so please wait two days after sending a request for a response. If you don't get a response in that time period, you should probably send your request again.

Failure to get the files requests of us is nearly always the result of failed mail because people's reply-to address was invalid. This problem happens often and we have had a lot of complaints from people who resent not getting the files they request while at the same time we can't respond because their email address being offered us is invalid.

If you would rather sign into The Skeptic Tank and download the files directly, telephone (626) 335-9601 . You will be granted full access the first time you call. The direct-access BBS is always up and in addition to the file service, offers message facilities in the event you wish to leave messages with our office directly.


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