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German police raid Scientology offices in Munich
02:13 p.m Feb 10, 1998 Eastern

MUNICH, Feb 10 (Reuters) - More than a hundred police officers raided offices belonging to the United States-based Church of Scientology in the southern German city of Munich on Tuesday, state prosecutors said.

The raids are linked to separate investigations into the death last year of a businessman who allegedly received medical advice from Scientology members, three cases of suspected arson and the reported distribution of insulting material.

State prosecutors said Scientology had cooperated with the raids of five of its offices. They said details of the results of the search would be made known on Wednesday.

A Scientology spokesman said the raids were directed at individual members of the group rather than the organisation itself. He dismissed the police action as "absurd."

German police are investigating the death last year of a businessman who died after allegedly being told by the members of the group to take a "vitamin preparation" for an illness.

A second inquiry involves three cases of suspected arson on a house, car and a summer-house. The original suspect has claimed the fires were started by Scientology members.

A separate investigation follows the distribution, allegedly by Scientology members, of pamphlets describing staff of a local hospital as "psychiatric murderers."

German authorities, which regard the group as a financial concern out to exploit its members, put the Los Angeles-based Church of Scientology under surveillance last June on suspicion of "anti-constitutional" intent.

Scientology has been able to draw on the support of high-profile supporters in its campaign against what it views as discrimination by German political parties, companies and other institutions, all with backing from Bonn.

Hollywood stars including Dustin Hoffman, Goldie Hawn and Oliver Stone signed an open letter last year accusing Bonn of persecuting Scientologists in the same way Hitler persecuted Jews.

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