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Subject: Transcript, "Hard Copy", 12/10/98

Description of video is in [brackets]. VO=VOICEOVER


[box on left of screen, captioned "Secrets of Scientology" -- first the box has pictures of Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Anne Archer, then it has a picture of L. Ron Hubbard]

KYLE CRESHKA [spelling?]: Hi, I'm Kyle Creshka. We begin with an unprecedented look inside Hollywood's most intriguing religion. The biggest stars in the business are into Scientology these days. But what really goes on inside the church of the late L. Ron Hubbard has been a well-guarded secret until now.

[footage of Travolta and Kelly Preston, Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley, and Kirstie Alley; aerial shot of Scn church; outside Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles]

VO: They are Hollywood's biggest names -- Travolta, Cruise, Kidman, Presley, Alley. Not only are they rich and powerful, but they claim they know the true secrets to success. And for them, it's the controversial Church of Scientology.

TRAVOLTA (on movie set dressed up in Army uniform] : You name me another philosophy, religion or technology where joy is the operative concept

[ad from Scn magazine with picture of Travolta, Preston and their son Jett with caption "Lifetime members"]

ALLEY (outside AOLA on LRH Way): People united, um, and not in some airy-fairy way, but they united and they put their, you know, muscle and brawn together and they worked really hard to create a better civilization.

[Scientology sign lighted up; newspaper article titled, "Scientology bizarre plot to get official"; part of British newspaper article title "In Court as 'Evil Cult'"]

VO: Scientology is mysterious; some have even called it an evil cult.

ROBERT VAUGHN YOUNG (caption -- Robert Vaughn Young, former Scientologist]: I would rather die on the open seas and die a free man than die inside that organization.

[aerial shot of Scn church; apparently ad for "Dianetics" with picture of the book with volcano in the background; picture of Mark Ebner]

VO: Now, in a new documentary, the A & E Network claims to take us inside the celebrated church. Journalist Mark Ebner went undercover inside Scientology.

MARK EBNER (caption -- Mark Ebner, freelance journalist): I'm not gonna lie and say I had a completely open mind; I mean, I thought, you know, because I noticed the scam working, you know, as soon as I walked in the door.

[Scienos picketing -- signs saying "Give us liberty", "We want justice"]

VO: Then there are the die-hard supporters of the church. Here, a young John Travolta crusades in Portland in 1982*.

TRAVOLTA: I just don't see why something that has such a good intention is being so, so persecuted. I mean, in my 10 years, I've never had to come out to this degree.

[picture of LRH giving a lecture demonstrating an auditing session; picture of LRH auditing a tomato; publicity photo of LRH]

VO: The man behind Scientology is L. Ron Hubbard, a former science fiction writer. A & E explored the unusual background of the church's founder, who died in 1986.

L. RON HUBBARD (apparently from church video) -- who are desperately trying to help man.

DAN SHERMAN (caption -- Dan Sherman, L. Ron Hubbard biographer): You're talking about someone who shot sharks, --

[pictures of LRH in aviator uniform and in adventurer's uniform]

SHERMAN (voice of): -- who scaled erupting volcanoes, who explored the jungles of Asia.

SHERMAN (on camera): I mean, you're talking about Indiana Jones, but for real.

[picture of LRH by typewriter]

LYLE STEWART (caption -- Lyle Stewart, book publisher): I was in a writing group with him in Greenwich Village and he kept saying that, you know, "I'm not gonna make any money, you can't do it with pulp writing. You've gotta start a religion." And nobody took him very seriously.

[footage of Scienos in courseroom watching a video; apparently a page of a book or magazine with cartoon drawing of a human head with diagram of parts of the brain and the caption, "A critical appraisal of a best-selling book that originated in the realm of science-fiction and became the basis for a new cult -- Dianetics"; Scn promotional video of auditing session]

VO: Scientologists believe in reincarnation. Each member goes through an auditing process where they cleanse themselves of their innermost thoughts.

[footage of Isaac Hayes and his wife, Anne Archer]

VO: It's popular in the entertainment community. Actress Anne Archer tells "Hard Copy" about how the church has turned her life around

ARCHER (caption -- Anne Archer, actress): Everything that I have accomplished, uh, has been very much, uh, a result of my expansion as a human being, and Scientology has allowed me to do that.

[footage of Archer; Kirstie Alley and Parker Stevenson; Cruise and Kidman]

VO: The beautiful actress has been a Scientologist for 22 years. She says she believes the church has been beneficial to several big-name stars like Tom Cruise.

[footage of Cruise and Kidman]

ARCHER (voice of as well as on camera): He's gracious and he's well-loved and he treats people well, and I think he would say that this has happened because of the Scientology religion.

[aerial shot of Big Blue building; apparently some Scn shindig with confetti and fireworks; Scieno rally I think in Berlin; Alley, Archer]

VO: Scientology is not your typical church you'd find with a steeple in town squares. Check out how they open their expansion. In this rich TV special, you'll learn the pros and cons of the church. But despite it all, Scientologists continue to keep the faith.

KYLE CRESHKA: And that installment of "Investigative Reports" airs on A & E Monday, December 14.


* -- sic [Sue M.]

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