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Subject: 1st entire Knowledge Report on Konrad Aigner
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[Here's the entire translation of the first knowledge report (13 pages) on K. Aigner. This one was written by Ms. Gabi Brendel, Field Staff Member. Konrad Aigner was a Scientologist who died unexpectedly a couple of years ago in Germany.]

FPRD= False Purpose Rundown
DCI= Dianetics Clear Intensive earlier form of the
CCRD= Clear Certainty Rundowns
VGIs= Very Good Indicators = :-)
BI`s = :(

Knowledge Report

Dir I+R Munich [Direktor fr Inspektionen Und Reports]
March 5, 90
cc: PC folder
Konrad Aigner

Gabi Brendel FSM

KR on Konrad Aigner

Konrad was offlines for 1 to 2 years and we (Rosi Freihoff and I) visited him in Neu Ulm. He wanted to continue to work for a couple more years and pay off his debts. He had done a few DCIs and had no purpose in auditing. We spoke about the CCRD and the Bridge in general. Shortly after that he came to Munich. He paid for auditing and went to the CCRD, then continued normally up the Bridge and had very big wins. The auditing changed him visibly. He wanted to continue to Clear and signed a Clear Contract with the Tech Sec. We worked out the options with him along with a package for about $24,000. We drove with him to his Bank in Augsburg, where he had put up a mortgage on real estate as collateral, where he already had a loan out for over $37,000. We wanted to find out if the collateral would cover this additional sum there. Rosi waited in the lobby. I went with Konrad to the loan officer. Konrad had already taken out one loan there for Scientology, but had said it was for renovation. Before we had gone into the bank, we had asked him if he knew


what he was supposed to say and he said yes, he had already gotten a loan there. So he told the loan officer that he needed another $24,000. She asked what for, and he said for re-modelling. She didn't ask any more questions and said that she could give him $12,500 more because that was all the collateral would cover. The settlement would require several days. The loan officer said that she would have to telephone around a lot in order to find out the value of the real estate, since the property was in Lower Bavaria.

Since the amount was not enough and the bank wanted a larger mortgage for more money, we decided to drive to Lower Bavaria to 1. raise the mortgage and 2. ask the local banks how much they could give us for the property. Konrad had a bank connection there with Raiffeisen Bank, so we decided to ask them what they could do. The three of us drove down to Lower Bavaria. In the meantime we had to handle Konrad again, since he needed his parents' signature to raise the mortgage, which he could not confront. We went to the bank, I went inside with Konrad, and he introduced me as his friend. I had taken off my wedding band, so they could take me for Konrad's fiance. This


idea had come to Konrad on his first visit to the bank, that it would be better for me to take the ring off, until then I didn't even know that I was wearing a ring, and I took it off in order to make the mockup believable. Konrad told the banker that he would be needing about $60,000 for renovation and re-financing and eventually a bus and minor investments, and that we had an appointment with the notary to raise the mortgage and get it registered. We had gotten the papers from the book of deed prior to that. They looked through the documents, telephoned the notary, the loan officer spoke with the management and they said Konrad could have the money, the $24,000, and they would take over the loan from the SpaDa Bank in Augsburg. Konrad said he intended on taking over the beverage stand run by his parents and renovating it, and creating a sideline to his civil service job by buying a bus. In the long term he also wanted to move back home, where a few renovations were necessary, such as installing a bathroom, etc. About noon we were done at the bank, at 3 p.m. was the appointment with the notary. At 1:30 Konrad had called up his parents and told them that he intended on moving home within the year, and that they had to go to the notary at 3 o'clock. He had to force himself to carry out the conversation. The plan and the idea


were his. That which was not true about the story was that the lion's share of the money was going to be invested in Scientology.

So Konrad went to his father, Rosi and I waited for him in a bar. His parents showed up, co-signed the papers to raise the mortgage to $125,000, they made no trouble at all, and were happy that Konrad planned to move back in with them.

Then the papers from the notary went to the bank. The Raiffeisen Bank wanted to transfer the amount to Konrad's account at the SpaDa bank in Augsburg on Thursday. The GI was confirmed, Konrad had already given Babsy a check so that it could clear by Thursday. There were VGIs all around. It was a win for everybody. This whole thing had taken place on Friday.

On Saturday I went to the Org and Rosi was sitting together with Konrad Golling and was working something out with him. Rosi is Konrad Golling's FSM. After a while I figured out that the plan had something to do with Konrad Aigner, and I entered into the cycle.

Konrad Aigner now possessed a mortgage of over $125,000, half of which was encumbered. It would not be easy for him to get any more credit on his present income (the banker had already figured the upper limit to be $94,000).


Rosi intended that Konrad G. talk with Konrad Aigner and ask him to let him use the $31,000 left of his available mortgage.

Konrad G. was in big financial difficulty. He was stopped on the Bridge, on the FPRD, with which he'd been having gigantic wins, and he couldn't keep up with his short-term loans. A mortgage of over $30,000 would have given him a favorable, long-term loan, which would put him in the position 1. to take the financial pressure off his lines, and 2. continue with the FPRD, and the Academy, which he had agreed to pay for. The plan was completely pro-survival. Konrad G. spoke with Konrad A. and K.A. immediately said yes. The only thing was that he wanted to wait until Thursday, until his check had cleared. That's what we should have done, but there were a couple of things which were not in favor of it.

1. We were playing the Birthday Game in order to get the Org up to St. Hill size and 2. Konrad G. had to go the USA for 3 months on contract, where he would earn a lot of money, that coming Sunday. There wouldn't be enough time to wait until Friday to go to the bank. So K.A. and K.G. made an appointment for early Monday to drive to Lower Bavaria to the Raiffeisen Bank


to take out a loan for Konrad Golling secured by Konrad Aigner. The plan did not appeal to the bank. They warned Konrad Aigner as to the risks of standing surety on a loan and turned the application down on grounds that they were not permitted to operate inter-regionally. Konrad Golling had an account himself with a Raiffeisenbank in his home town, and he contacted them about this bank in order to get the matter handled. The banker there had just had an eye operation and would not be available before Wednesday because he temporarily had no sight. What next. The Org needed the income, the surety for the loan was there, the time until Konrad Golling went away was getting shorter. We had to handle it. So Rosi and I decided that Konrad Aigner should increase his loan by 50,000 marks and K.A. + K.G. should make a personal agreement that K.G. would make the payments for this portion of the loan. We talked the concept over with both of the individuals concerned. They said they were willing to do it. On the next morning we 4 wanted to drive together to Lower Bavaria to take care of the matter. However Konrad Aigner objected insistently that we should wait until his loan was approved,


but we did not want to be put under a deadline by the other side. The one who insisted on this the most was Rosi. I didn't have a good feeling about this either, right from the start, but I didn't say anything about it since I did not want to be a stop on this cycle. So I pushed my objections aside and fought for a win. Rosi told Konrad Golling that he should still go over to Konrad Aigner's and stay the night, and go along with him to Munich the next morning so that we could drive together to the bank. Meanwhile it was Wednesday evening. Konrad Aigner let Konrad Golling stand the whole night outside his front door while he pretended not to be there. The Org urgently needed the GI and Babsi absolutely wanted Rosi to ride along. Rosi's plan had been that I would drive with both Konrads to the bank. Both my children were sick, lying in bed with fever and nausea when Rosi told me that we would have to drive down to Lower Bavaria early the next day. 11:30 at night I organized a baby sitter who would come to my house 8 a.m. the next day to stay with my children. I stayed up half the night giving touch assists and left the next morning for the meeting. Rosi and Konrad Golling were already there, and Konrad Aigner came soon afterwards. He was very bitter, he spit venom at us like an adder. We found out that he had intentionally not


let Konrad Golling in, and that he had counter-intentions to the plan. Rosi put his head back on right for him. Konrad Golling and Konrad Aigner then worked out how the whole thing could be handled. Meanwhile the bank had gotten suspicious because we were in such a rush for the money and because they assumed that we were not being careful enough with Konrad Aigner's inheritance. This came out in bits and pieces. I had called up the bank a couple of times to see if everything was OK, then Konrad Golling showed up there along with Konrad Aigner etc. Our plan was now that we (Konrad Aigner and I) would dispel these objections in that we would say that I had heard of this surety plan and did not approve since the plan conflicted with renovating Konrad's parents' house, and that Konrad Aigner wanted to increase his loan up to 150,000 marks in order to get a 4 year fixed interest rate since that was the sum needed in advance, and the interest rates were going up again. The load officer, Mr. Wimmer, was not there, and his boss, Mr. Reich, thought all that was very reasonable, he agreed and prepared the modified documents and Konrad Aigner signed everything with no objection. We forgot to say that the amount should please be transferred to the Augsburg Bank, the same as we had done with the first amount. This did


not occur to us until right after we had left the bank's lobby at 12 noon. Since it was lunch break and the door had been locked behind us, we ran to the telephone booth on the other side of the street to speak with the director of the loan department again, but nobody answered the telephone. Rosi called me in the Org and said that everything would be OK. We made our way back howm. At 1:30 p.m., when the lunch break at the bank was over, we drove to a place which had a phone. Meanwhile Mr. Wimmer, the load officer, was back again, he had been out of the building that morning, and we were put through to him. Konrad Aigner told him that he should please transfer the money to Augsburg, and he said that would not do that, he would need invoices. Konrad was at a loss and gave up, so I took the receiver and spoke with Mr. Wimmer. He said that the entire sum was in a construction account, and it could only be used for purposes of renovation, and as soon as proof was presented, money transfers could be made through the bank. This was not part of the original agreement, at least not as far as the first 100,000 marks. I talked with Mr. Wimmer for a while with the intention that he would transfer the money to Augsburg as promised. He insisted upon the proof. I then told him that was quit alright. You receive the proof and you transfer the money.


What I meant to get across was that he should transfer the money now and then receive the proof as soon as it got here. He agreed to what I said and I left it at that. When we arrived back at the Org, Konrad Aigner gave us the checks which we would cash as soon as the money was transferred into the account. In principle everything looked fine.

Meanwhile the Org had cashed the original check for 38,000 marks at the Augsburg Bank, and the bank had called up for Konrad Aigner and wished to speak with him urgently. Konrad called them up and I found out that the check had bounced. He told them that the borrowed amount was to be taken over by another bank. The days went by and no money came to Augsburg. Konrad phoned up the bank in Lower Bavaria and found out that they had not yet paid out anything. On our first trip there we had said that a portion of the money had been for investment, now we had Konrad call down there to ask for a cash transfer of 17,000 marks for investment. They agreed to that and did it. Konrad Aigner gave me the check and we gave it to the FBO [Flag Banking Officer]. Now there was still 20,000 marks for Konrad Aigner's services and a total of 50,000 marks for service for and repayments by Konrad Golling in this bank and we didn't know to get it out of there. It had already been counted as GI, now we had to


get it taken care of, was our opinion. The pressure on the finance lines was very high. It took a week's worth of attention to get this problem solved.

Meanwhile Konrad Aigner was being audited again and had found something out which led him to believe again that he could be Clear and he was programmed back on the CCRD. Konrad found that reason enought not to pay the 20,000 marks he was short on his Clear package, since he would eventually not even need it. We told him things didn't work that way. As to Konrad Golling - who had since gone to America and did not know anything about the comings and goings-on here - K.A. said we should find another surety, another solution for him

However, Konrad Golling had already made out a standing order for the transfer of monthly payement, had made Konrad Aigner the beneficiary of his life insurance and and made a (mutual) agreement with Konrad Aigner, and, as has been said, is in America and does not know anything about what is going on.

--> * See next page. On top of that, the banker (Mr. Wimmer) had gone to Konrad's parents and told them about the loan for 150,000 marks, and photographed the house in order to determine its Is-ness, and unsettled his parents as to the stated intentions of their son Konrad, and made a pact with his father


that money would only be paid out if his father agreed to it.

--> * I had the idea that the banker should receive his bills so that he could transfer the money. Konrad had mentioned at the bank that he would need a delivery wagon / bus in order to haul the beverages. So I saw to it / made a bill which showed that Konrad Aigner bought a small truck from Ralf Herold for a price of 20,000 marks. A couple of days later I backdated a return for this vehicle along with the appropriate credit slip. On mine/Rosi's request, Konrad sent this bill with the filled out transfer to the bank.

I drew up another bill, from Hartmut Freihoff to Konrad Aigner for remodelling, renovation etc of the beverage market and the farmhouse for a total of 50,000 marks. We didn't send this bill to the bank. We wanted to wait until we received the first 20,000 marks.

I told the parties concerned, Veronika Herold, Ralf Herold and Harmut Freihoff that this action was necessary to get the money out of the bank.

The borrowed money is flowing to Konrad Aigner and he should get it all back. The property belongs to Konrad Aigner, he inherited it from his parents, as long as they get lifetime residence rights. The farm is no longer worked as such, the land is leased. There is no reason


that Konrad Aigner should not have the money available.

His father did not agree to the money transfer for the truck, and the check bounced.

Meanwhile Konrad Aigner won't listen to anything about it, and does not want to take any responsibility.

Rosi Freihoff told him what the solution was, too. Konrad must go to his father and tell him that he needs this money for Scientology, and that he has posted surety for a friend for 50,000 marks and that he takes full responsibility for seeing that he will be paid back. This is something which Konrad does not want to confront. He is manifesting a PTS situation.

This is true.

Gabi Brendel



Hallo, my name is Gabi Brendel. ... I have lived in Munich for many years. I would like to help you understand Scientology better. ... I have found answers to the questions which have bothered me since I was a child. ...What happens to you when you die?


This was taken from http://cisar.org/aignkre.htm

Konrad Aigner Memorial Page


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