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Subject: HISTORY OF A.R.S.C.C.
From: Jouni Hiltunen
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 11:05:40 GMT


The title is more than misleading, full title should be:

"History of goverment organized anti-scientology movement." however it would not be as convinient as above.

First anti-scienos propably appeared five minutes after scientology was formed, after all Scientology is a religion you just love to hate. However critique was easily supressed (a little wordgame here, pardon me) by relentles handling of GO. Antis resources were scarce, they were few in numbers and widely dispersed. For more than twenty five years COS faced no serious challengers to the public image of the Church and LHR.

All this was about to change in the 80īs when two things happened. First internet was beginning to form giving antis the first effective way to create network contacts and exchange ideas and experiences. Secon and perhaps more lethal was Guardian Offices decision to infiltrate Federal Goverment offices. Fedīs do not mind if someone is using criminal means to create income. In more than one occasions CIA has used its underground contacts to provide muscle and organisation for its covert operations inside United States. Best known instant would be the operation to fund Contra fighters in Nicaragua with crack cocaine smuggled into Los Angeles a.k.a. Dark Alliance.

What really makes the might of U.S. federal offices to turn against you is the mistake of openly targetting one or several of them. They have the power and they prefer to keep it that way. Anyone who even remotely poses a threat is dealt swiftly and terminally. GO:s plan to retrieve information proved this, it was crushed and Scientology was added to the watchlist together with various other organisations some of which openly agains Fed Gov like current militia movements, some of which merely stepped on its toes in course of history like some anti-war organisations.

In the beginning of the 80īs National Security Agency, USA:s leading signal intelligense unit launched one of its early communication surveillance programs, nowdays known as UKUSA project. This project was designed to monitor all phone, fax, computer and satellite communication of US and overseas civillian networks. Supercomputers were programmed to filter huge amounts of data and search for certain buzzwords commonly used by terrorist, anti goverment and organized crime organisations. When COS infiltration to Fed Gov. ofiices became apparent at least words "Sea Org." "Guardian Office" and "Hubbard" were added to the buzzword list.

To the supprise of the NSA and their sister organisation CIA majority of the communications containing these word in the computer network did not come from scientologists, but from growing ring of dedicated anti-scientologists. CIAīs hands inside the US are tied, not because of the legal limitations which it repeatedly ignores, but because FBI watches jealously over what it consideres as its hometurf. Therefore direct action of any intelligence agency against COS could not be considered. With half-hearted approval of FBI anti-scieno movement was to be mobilised those who dared to challenge the power of goverment offices. September 1987 one of CIA top officials contacted three of these activists and the creation of goverment backed anti movement started to form what we today know as A.R.S.C.C.

While A.R.S.C.C. functions as directing organ of the fight agains COS it was recognized that mere information war was not sufficient to bring church to its knees. Two arms were created to act as fists: Knights of Xenu were to be trained as agents to attack church in person and Data Cowboys were ex-hackers forcefully recruited to break churches electronic security.

In the beginning of the 90īs KoX agents had their first succeses in physically infiltrating the COS organisation. Anti-scieno movement had tried this previously, but vigorous security checking together with e-meter had exposed the untrained agent wannabees. When KoX agents received professionla intelligence training combined to the bio-feedback and mind programming technology developed by the MK-ULTRA project in the 50īs they finally started to beat e-meter and receiving their posts inside the church. Identity and location of KoX agents are naturally carefully guarded secrets.

Data Cowboys are mostly youg hackers caught breaking into goverment databases. If they are found to be talented they are given a choise, serve us or serve 20 years in prison.

The extent to which these organisations have infiltrated the COS is unknown. We can say that A.R.S.C.C. has access to any electronic document and any physical document that has moved between two orgs.

Operations known as "Persona Attacks" are conducted on regular basis, these include either planting or revealing sensitive information ( that is sensitive in the eyes of COS) into the files of dedicated scientologists in attempt to get them declared as SP:s. Then these persons are pressured into defecting with their information to the hands of A.R.S.C.C.

The most succesful operation has been the use of pulicity as a cover both A.R.S.C.C. and KoX are found on the web and anyone can claim to be a member of one or both so occasional mentioning of them as anti-scieno organisations can easily be discarded by saying that both are just running jokes on the COS. In a way this is true, clandestine A.R.S.C.C. continues to undermine COS while public or humorous A.R.S.C.C. takes the heat. In reality connections between these two are almost non-existant. In the first half of year 2000 we can expect the most serious attacs to the very foundations of the COS. Time will show if it is able to survive.

(in case you have not noticed, Iīm just kidding, but I dare anyone of you to write a better one)

All Hail Xenu!

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