Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 01:31:40 EST
Subject: Baptist "Love"


Here are some just plain assholes who don't want their Christian love to get in the way of their petty bigotry. As usual, Jesus gets the heave ho from the bigots when his teaching is inconvenient.


Ga. Baptists Target Homosexuality


.c The Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ga. (AP) -- Saying they didn't want same-sex marriages performed in their churches, Southern Baptists in Georgia voted Tuesday to exclude congregations that `endorse' homosexuality.

The Rev. J. Gerald Harris, new president of the denomination's state convention, said Southern Baptists welcome gay individuals but can't allow churches to advocate their behavior.

"The unanimous verdict of scripture is that practicing homosexuality is a sin," said Harris, from Eastside Baptist Church in Marietta. "Love ... must not compromise the church's allegiance to scripture."

Delegates voted to warn churches they should not knowingly take any action to affirm, approve or endorse homosexual behavior if they want to remain in the convention, the denomination's second largest in the nation behind Texas.

The Rev. J. Robert White, the Georgia convention's executive director, will oversee investigation of churches. If there is a complaint, White will meet with the pastor and the convention will ask the church to come into compliance or leave the denomination.

Several of more than 2,400 church representatives in Columbus this week for the meeting spoke against the measure.

"To speak on this very issue is perilous," said Bill Self of John's Creek Baptist Church in Alpharetta. "I want to ask one simple question. This year, the homosexuals. Who's next, churches that receive African-Americans? Churches that allow women in the ministry?"

Also Tuesday, the group rejected a provision to exclude churches that engage in "divisive" and "disruptive" charismatic worship, such as speaking in tongues.

Only a few states -- Florida, North Carolina and Texas -- have adopted policies on gays. And only one state, Florida, has a policy regarding charismatics.

A very small number of Baptist churches in Georgia either endorse homosexuality or charismatic worship, White said. No churches are being investigated. White said the convention wants to have rules just in case.

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