Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 19:13:14 -0700
From: David Rice
Subject: ICR bullshit "seminar"

Yesterday and the day before (Friday and Saturday) I attended the ICR "Back to Genesis" events. Good Goat, what a boring stretch of prison-like incarceration that was! I found myself pleading with Chronos to speed things up. At times I left the seminar while the tape machine attended for me, so I did not suffer brain injury.

Fredric was considering going with me, but he will be happy to know that not only did he not miss anything, but not attending has probably saved him from permanate brain damage (which no doubt I would have suffered if I hadn't taken long breaks).

I now have aproximately NINE FUCKING HOURS of ICR speal on audio tape. Most of it is theological ("Evolution is Satanic: god said so!"), and most of the rest is commercial ("I order you to go out side and buy all of the ICR books you can!"), and the rest of the nine hours contains material one can actually critique. It goes without saying that this later material is pure bullshit that has been debunked decades ago.

Morris actually had the Goat Biled =GALL= to assert that the Second Law of Thermodynamics "proves evolution is impossible!" How is it possible that he can say such a thing and not fear the wrath of his god? Didn't he read the part about bearing false witness?!?!?!?!?

Anyhow, I'll figure out what to do with these tapes. I sat under a speaker so the recaording is remarkably good.

David Michael Rice
The world's second biggest glutton! (Next to Godzilla)


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