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> The dead sea scrolls that have in them the original scriptures
> are exactly the same then as they are now.

The writings in "Dead Sea Scrolls" (Qumram Codex) show vastly different "history" than what is found in the Bible. The Genesis Apocryphon (in the DSS) is considerably different than the Bible's Genesis. This scroll is dated from second century BCE to first century CE (writen on sheep hide), whereas the Bible's account post-dates this by a few centuries.

1-2 Samuel, Jeremiah, and Exodus are VASTLY different in the DSS than in the Bible. There are over 30 chances in Jeremiah alone. Entire pages worth of text is missing in the Bible and found in the DSS, while entire pages of different text exist in the Bible but are missing in the DSS.

Bible scholars have known THIS FACT for 40 years, ever since the Cave Four discoveries at Qumran.

That Fundamentalist priests and cult leaders continue to tell their victims the LIE that the DSS "validates the Bible" is PROOF POSITIVE of their deceiving, demonic nature. The FACT is, the Bible as we have it today is VASTLY different than what the original authors wrote.

Anyone who claims otherwise is ignorant.

David Rice

"Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire." --- W B Yeats


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