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jit> Scientology vs. the Net
jit> The Church of Scientology is doing its best to force an ISP to reveal
jit> the identity of an online church critic. The mysterious user fears
jit> reprisals if his name is revealed.
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I got heavily involved in that and managed to launch a massive campaign on Mr. Safe's behalf. Eventually I got the ACLU here in Southern California to get with the New York chapter which got itself working with Mr. Safe. And the EEE told me that it was such short notice they were unable to do anything with it until it was a fait accomplished.

Several other Constitutional rights advocacy groups called in offering assistance inasmuch as the "Millinnium Digital Copyright Act" is unconstitutional. The Scientology crooks only needed to allege copyright violation to violate Mr. Safe's privacy and to learn his identity -- which was the cult's goal. The Act doesn't require subsequent lawsuits to be launched.

In this the Unconstitional Act allows any crook to determine the identity of anyone they wish merely by alleging that copyright has been violated. Since the Act doesn't require a Judge to sign the subpoena, the Act doesn't have any Judicial body look over the allegations to determine their validity first.

The Act is so illegal that it's never been used before. The Scientology crooks are the first -- and will probably be the last -- to use this law for their criminal racketeering activities.

Additionally The Skeptic Tank set aside a substancial amount of cash to cover 50% of the initial legal fees Mr. Safe incured at the onset. The Skeptic Tank received hundreds of e-mail messages from people around the world offering to donate additional funds which I would have forwarded to Mr. Safe's legal assistance (who I talked with on the telephone.)

As it turned out, there were factors involved which made the need for offering financial assistance less pressing though the funds continue to remain available in the event they're needed.

AT&T got innundated with so much paper evidence (consisting of court documents, affidavits, sworn depositions, sworn declarations et al.) that their FAX machines were running 24 hours straight, their e-mail boxes were stuffed full, and their voice mail system was always overflowed. The evidence that AT&T was flooded with proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Mr. Safe's safety was to be put at risk in the event AT&T divulged his identity. The evidence FAXed into AT&T's offices consisted of hate flyers which the Scientology cult disseminates among the neighborhoods and business of critics, ex-followers, government officials, and law enforcement officers.

AT&T ignored it all -- even though they must have received at minimum 10,000 pieces of paper covering the whole history of what it means to be targeted by the cult. There's no way to judge how many voice telephone calls they received yet even as AT&T was dumpping stored messages, they continued to flood in.

I kept every e-mail sent and received between Mr. Safe and myself and I discussed the next step with Mr. Safe over the telephone. Once it became clear that AT&T was going to hand Mr. Safe's identity over to the criminal cult, the focus of the effort switched.

The media around the country was innundated with documentation with copies sent to the Scientology cultists underscoreing the fact that Mr. Safe's identity remains unknown out in the real world. Because of this, the first instance of harassment of Mr. Safe by cult followers (either through flyering of Mr. Safe's neighborhood or business, or through picketing his home or business) would result in the cult lawyers who issued the subpoena getting arrested immediately.

The reason being is because the Scientology crime syndicate wanted the information about Mr. Safe so the cult would start its traditional hate campaign consisting of flyering, calling his boss and claiming he's a criminal on drugs and a child molester, and doing every racketeering activity that the cult is well known for in an attempt to silence Mr. Safe.

The reason why the cult wants to silence Mr. Safe? Mr. Safe is a Scientologist who speaks out about the cult's criminal activites and its enslavement and brainwashing of victims stuck inside. Mr. Safe is a Scientologist who wants to reform the criminal cult. Mr. Safe has been working with several hundred other Scientologists in an effort to reform the cult.

Since the cult's lawyers alleged in their request to acquire the subpoena that it was only for copyright violations, if the crime syndicate engages in racketeering against Mr. Safe, the lawyers will be arrested oin a number of charges.

The second phase of the campaign made sure that the media and the cult were well aware of the consequences of harassing Mr. Safe -- not to mention make sure that the media kept an eye on Mr. Safe so that in the event he mysteriously disappeared, the prime suspect would be obvious.

Because of this effort, the Scientology cult has been hamstrung. The cultists know Mr. Safe's identity and they've been watching his house, going through his trash, finding out who his parents are, looking for his criminal records and his driving records... doing everything else that the cult does when it creates an enemy. But the cult can't do what it originally intended to do because the media has been alerted to the legal consequences.

The cult hasn't sued him yet -- and they can't because Mr. Safe didn't violate any copyright laws. The ACLU, in the mean time, is still very much up on the need to revoke this law since it's been shown -- thanks to the Scientology cult -- to be exactly what Constitutional rights advocacy groups have always said it was: An unbelievably bad law which criminal organizations will make use of once they know of its existance.

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Further facts about this criminal empire may be found at Operation Clambake and FACTNet.


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