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From dbj1120@iag.net Sun Dec 06 18:01:11 1998
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Subject: Sunday in CW
From: Beverly Rice <dbj1120@iag.net>
Date: Sun, 06 Dec 1998 21:01:11 -0500

Just got back a few hours ago. There was so much going on in CW and so many people I don't even know where to start, so I'll begin with our last day there :-)

We stopped by the Holiday Inn to say bye. Some people had already left and some were still in bed (which is where I should have been!!). Four critics were at the table eating breakfast, I'll let them identify themselves if they wish. Garry and I had already finished eating breakfast at Lenny's, so we went out to head for downtown CW. (I was able to leave Tilman with a great big smack-a-roo on the cheek <g>).

I don't think Co$ was expecting anyone downtown yet. We got there and drove by in the car to see what was going on and where.

Instantly OSA spotted us and started talking into their radios.

I am very glad for one thing. Across from the Ft. Harrison they had the EPF kids (teens, not little children) breaking up the cement pieces and piling a bunch of other stuff I wasn't able to discern. It was hotter that ususal in CW this year and doing hard labor isn't the most fun way for these guys to spend a Sunday morning.

We had used up all of our film, but we pretended to start taking pictures of the kids working as we drove by in the car. Their keepers (or whatever you call them) quickly rounded them up and put them in single file to run across the street into the Ft. Harrison to hide. We drove by the front of the building and then pretended to take more pics of them being herded in. By the time we swung around the side and parked and got our stuff together, the place across the street from the Ft. Harrison where they were working, as well as the rest of the streets around the area and the front of the Ft. Harrison were deserted!!

It was like waving a magic wand, POOF!, they disappear other than OSA and the guys on the roof with the telephoto lenses. Just from the presence of two SP's. At least the kids got some time off to be in the air conditioning. Garry and I left a bit after 1 PM, so I have no idea if they were sent back out to work or not, but I do believe that some of the others said they were going to go back in town to do a bit of picketing. I hope so, that way they would be able to have the whole day off :-)

Even walking around without signs, just pretending to take pictures and talking into make believe radios was enough to even keep the buses and vans away!!

We didn't bring our picket signs with us. We did go to observe and watch reactions.

Just like when we had the picket signs in our hands the other days, if a van was coming down the street towards us as soon as they saw us they would turn the corner. If it was too late it was speed up and get past.

Garry played a little game while we were there, but since it was his game and he also has more flair for details. I'll let him tell you about it, but it most ~surely~ put OSA in even more paranoia than I had seen them so far.

Also, I have simply GOT to thank the CWPD for their excellent and unbiased presence. As a matter of fact, I'll put that in it's own thread.

Beverly Rice


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