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From dbj1120@iag.net Sun Dec 06 20:30:09 1998
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Subject: Clearwater: Rinder Does Running Program, 12/5/98
From: Garry Scarff <dbj1120@iag.net>
Date: Sun, 06 Dec 1998 23:30:09 -0500

On Saturday, Dec. 5, while enjoying the day picketing at the Fort Harrison, I obeserved OSA Int. Director Mike Rinder standing next to Clearwater Police Chief Sid Klein watching the picket activity. Walking with my sign "SCIENTOLOGY ORDERED ME TO KILL 2 CRITICS: RESIDENTS SHOULD BE SCARED", I walked towards Court Street to fetch Beverly soI could take her across the street to meet Mike Rinder. Approaching Court Street, Rod Keller made the one & only sarcastic remark I received this weekend, which I ignored. I ran into Stacy Y. and informed her of Mike's presence, and she shouted greetings at "Mikey", but he remained stone-faced.

After crossing Ft. Harrison Street with Beverly in tow, I observed Mike Rinder looking back at me, and then RUNNING across the county parking lot out of sight. I walked up to Police Chief Sid Klein to ask him what happened to Mike, and Chief Klein said, "He took one look at you Garry and ran away. What did you do to him?" (I don't suppose it had to do with the previous night's TV coverage of the picket where one showed me walking with my sign "MIKE RINDER IS STILL ONE HOT HUNK" and then switching to a pic of Mike Rinder? ~Thanks CiCi for sharing this with me. My mom would be proud ~ if she wasn't a damn Scieno!!!

Bev lost her opportunity to talk to the elusive Mike Rinder but she did meet and speak with Police Chief Klein and shared her concern about the manner in which Scientology kids were being used.

~ Sorry, Grady, you didn't get your wanted picture of Mike Rinder and I together. I guess all the SP's were just keeping him too busy ~.

Garry Scarff


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