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From elrond@cgo.wave.ca Mon Dec 07 10:59:46 1998
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Subject: PICKET REPORT: OT 2 in Clearwater: (Thurs to Sat only)
From: elrond@cgo.wave.ca (Gregg Hagglund)
Date: Mon, 07 Dec 1998 13:59:46 -0500

Well I am sure there will be more detailed reports but I would like to add my 2.

We met with and were much amused by the New OT 2 as demonstrated by FLAG.

Ostrich Tech 2 (Second Floor) involves the covering of Org and Co$ facility windows up to the second floor. This is accompanied by scampering about like panicked chickens whenever an SP came close to offloading or onloading buses.

OT2 is an expansion of the LA OT1 (BlueTarp) only this one is a more perfected version of hiding their head and leaving their legal asses out in the wind. The OT2 Cogniton is: Our Suckers will Blow if they even get a Hint of the Scam we are Running.

Those few of the Co$ Staffers and OSA who did see us or our signs are reportedly undergoing medical treatment and may be laying charges against several picketers for Assault with a Truthful Idea.

Seriously, we were at complete Cause over the sidewalk eating FLAG and all other Co$ CW Facilities.

Only two or three lonely and ultimately very enturbulated young OSA flacks were in evidence. There were an inordinate number of Police keeping an eye on the Co$ and *following* Co$ vehicles around. As an exPeace Officer myself I soon realised the CWPD had three layers of Police watching over us focused on the Co$, not the picketers: On Site Officers (consisting of Uniform and Plain clothes), Roving and Point cars and a Flying Squad ready to be rushed in. There were at least 2 SWAT uniformed Officers doing OnSite Picket Protection with personal cars for them nearby bulging with equipment. Something was up and it was *not* about us.

FLAG and the Co$ were completely out tech and did not attack the attackers in any fashion. No car tails or greetings at the airport. Only a single OSA spy at the Hotel. No attempt to infiltrate or disrupt our press conference or interfere with either the Gorilla Pickets on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. No interference with the Feature Picket at FLAG on Sat from 3 to 6:30 or the Memorial Service on Sat at 7 PM. I hope this forced civility continued for Sunday.

I wore my Priestly garb for the Feature Picket on Saturday and held one point at the maincorner of Ft Harrison. [I wore the Priest garb as the Feature Picket was about Lisa, who was a victim of an Abuse of Faith. Also I was to preside over the Memorial Cermony at 7 pm and there would be no time to change.] NukeWaster watched my back and helped direct passersby. (Most passersby joined the picket - I had a head count of 49 demonstrators at one point.)

Of course with a sound permit and the asked and given advice of Detective Curly, who was experienced with my type of sound equipment, I kept up a steady Mega Talk at legally acceptable Tone 44. I used Pauls "Scientology does not tell the truth etc", my "Criminal Corporation in Canada, Banned in Greece etc", Arnie Lermas "If there *were* any OTs then ~we wouldn't be here~" and a lot of ad lib but tasteful J&D.

At one point, by accident, Arnie Lerma and I saved one Scientologist's life as he nearly fell from the top floor of the Fort Harrison but I'll let Arnie tell that one.

I would like to add that all the Canadians present: Alan, DeepWog, Gerry Armstrong and I, sported snappy XENU AIR baseball caps most of the time. Gerry even wore his to his depostion which greatly displeased Moxon and Co.

I had a great time and met a lot of people I had not before including Gerry, Keith and Tillman. Garry Scarf was about and quite pleasant, even funny, both at the pickets and the hotel. Everybody managed to park egos at the state line.

I had a long talk with one of Ken Dandars legal team and he and I came to agreement that in about 10 years time all the Co$ would consist of would be enclaves in LA and CW and a bankrupt PR Org in Washington. The Co$ is withdrawing into their centres and when they do they will cease to have enough new bodies in the shop to survive for long even if the top brass are willing to eat up more or most of the capital protion of the offshore nestegg. We also aggreed:

The sun never sets on Scientology PO Boxes. <grin>

<wink mode> The weekend was climaxed, at least for me, by the Saturday nite wedding of Stacy and Jesse at the Holiday Inn. </wink mode>

I will do a short post about the Memorial Ceremony seperately.

Gregg Hagglund SP5

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