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Subject: CLEARWATER PICKET: City denzines support the picketers
From: shy_david@nospam.org (Shy David)
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 1998 22:57:29 GMT

During Friday, Saturday, and Sunday pickets, the number of supporters who drove past or walked past was nearly 100% supportive of the picket. Out of the thousands of cars that drove by, hundreds cheered, yelled out things like "Yeah! Good for you!" "Finally!" and "Thank you!" with their thumbs up and / or honking. I think it is not at all an exageration to say that well over one thousand passers-by expressed their hearty support for the picket and the picketers.

And not just people who passed by the pickets at the crime syndicate's franchises and headquarters. Wherever I went with my SCIENTOLOGY KILLS tee-shirt, people stoped me and expressed their unhappiness at the] crime syndicate. Waiters and waitresses at restaurants; a teller at a bank; people at the airport.

The support for the critics of the crime syndicate from the Clearwater citizens was and is MASSIVE.

While picketing the crime syndicate's "Sandcastle" franchise, one car stoped beside me, blocking traffic, just so the driver could run out, shake my hand emphatically, and tell me "God bless you! It's about time! God bless you!" over and over again, before rishing back into her car and driving away.

At the "bank" building, one person driving by canceled his errand, parked his car, and asked me if he could join the pciket (and where to get a sign). He said he had heard there was going to be a picket but didn't know exactly where or when, and he was disheartened because he did not know who to talk to to find out this information. He just happened to be driving past at the time of the picket. I gave him a copy of Roland's flyer.

I am still astonished at the numbers of Clearwater citizens who were very happy to see the crime syndicate picketed. The crime syndicate has done so much to alienate and piss of Clearwater citizens, "pulling in" well-deserved animosity fom the people who live in Clearwater.

The picket was a HUGE SUCCESS.

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